OE Lido 3 Manual Coffee Grinder

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  • Great for grinding coffee
  • Handle folds back into storage position
  • Burrs are not aligned properly
  • Plastic housing for unground beans is too wide for the hand


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Disappointing and a scam
I expected better from a $195 grinder. It arrived with the burr already slightly misaligned so there is already some inconsistency in the grind. Besides that little mistake, the design of the handle is awful; it constantly folds itself back into the storage position in the middle of grinding. Speaki...
3 years ago
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Nice hand grinder
it is very nice designed hand grinder. the grinding is very even, for the best flavor. it is just kind of heavy for the comparing to others available. I would travel with a Q2 but use this one at home.
Kindle Customer
2 months ago
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Had high hopes, only to be ignored
I had been watching the roll out and launch of this product for years. Thought that for the 200$ price tag I’d be upgrading from the skerton. In terms of grind quality it is better, but there is one fatal flaw, the stow away handle doesn’t stay extended while grinding! Which at first didn’t seem lik...
1 year ago
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The Lido 3 Review: Worth Buying in 2022?
Don’t Buy the Lido 3 If.. If you are an ultra-lite traveler, the OE Lido isn’t for you
1 month ago
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Really good for a really long time!
I chose this grinder to be my first burr-blade grinder and it has elevated the quality and experience of the coffee I’ve made through the roof. I can taste and smell notes I never knew my routine beans had in them! PROS: This grinder is built like a TANK. I am far more worried for my floor and table...
Christy Nguyen
4 years ago
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Comandante vs Lido 3 vs Baratza Virtuoso+
It’s excellent for filter coffee and that’s what I use it for everyday. With the Lido, I think of the settings as a coordinate system and you can easily go from one grind setting to another by thinking in terms of rotation + notches. For the Lido E, espresso is 0+6 to 0+8, zero rotations and 8 notches, for v60 osmotic method, it’s 2+2, 2 full rotations +2 notches. It’s easy to turn but can be slow, like 1 minute for 35g of filter coffee, compared to 30 seconds on the Pharos.
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Lido 3 Grinder Review: Is it Still Worth it in 2022? My Opinion
Conclusion: Lido 3 review The Lido 3 was probably the best manual grinder when it was launched back in 2015, but today there are better and cheaper options available. On paper, the Lido 3 seems like a sturdy and well-made grinder, but it’s not a frictionless experience in daily use.
Question on Hand Grinders... Marshmellow test?
Out of the three I like the Lido E the least. The adjustment method and the size made it very cumbersome to use. The relatively short turn handle to body ratio adds to the effort it takes to grind coffee. In comparison, the other 2 are much more pleasant of an experience to use.
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I like everything but.........
"the handle pops from locked to unlocked during grinding no matter what I do, slightly annoying. Am considering replacing it with the one piece handle from the Lido 2 which is interchangeable and available as a part from manufacturer". I've since figured out I was causing this-now no longer an issue...
3 years ago
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Lido 3 Review (The Orphan Espresso Hand Coffee Grinder)
The Verdict. The updates on the Lido 3 from the earlier Lido 2 make it far more portable, but it is still a large hand grinder and has some weight to it. That being said, it produces a fantastic grind that is both consistent and precise across a wide range of grind settings
1 month ago
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