Niche Zero Grinder

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  • Made for grinding coffee beans
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • A great value for the price
  • Great value and a must have for any coffee lover


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Niche Zero Grinder Review - LifeStyle Lab
and the way that shots extract from these two grinders is also night and day.The Niche zero has undoubtedly taken the single dosing grinder market by storm, and I’d be very surprised if the big names don’t come out with some lower priced options very soon to take on the Zero. But for now, I can say that in terms of looks, performance, and value, the Niche Zero is operating in a league of it’s own, and the creators should be very proud of the cult following they’ve already built around this grinder
1 month ago
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I've had a Niche Zero for about a year now, and have had some pretty good results making espresso. However, it has been a bit of a disaster for pourover. Looking at the grounds, I get a pretty inconsistent grind size, and the resulting coffee bed is covered in a thick layer of fines.
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I'm looking to buy something that will last me a decent amount of time and help me grow my skills over a few years. Having done my research into grinders, I'm fairly set on the Niche Zero, in part because it seems like a really solidly built, effective grinder and in part because in white it would look sick in my kitchen.
Upgrading to 1ZPresso JX
iIt produces ground coffee with great consistency. I believe it is on par with my Niche Zero.
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On Matt Perger's Extraction Theory
Conclusion: meh, marginal value maybe?. For most of us, the goal should be the highest end grinder you can reach comfortably (Niche Zero is the spro "reference" grinder), a good but not insane machine, and great beans, water, WDT technique, and dial-in technique.
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Niche Zero Coffee Grinder Review - Get All the Details
The big question at the end of any review is “Is it worth it?” Is the Niche Zero grinder worth it? There is no doubt that a Niche Zero is an expensive grinder—likely one of the most expensive consumer grinder available. If you can afford the high price tag though, you won’t regret purchasing this grinder.
Going pretty well I'd say 😁
Haha solid! I’m waiting on my Decent to be delivered and also started with a Bambino Plus. Currently using a Specialita grinder, but was considering getting the Niche Zero if it’s ever in stock.
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Upgrading from this. Budget is 1k. Recommendations
Niche grinder with Breville bambino plus. Great for milk drinks as it instantly heats up and auto froths the milk.
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What's the difference between $200, $400, and $600 burr grinders?
At the top of conical grinders is the Niche Zero which makes a great coffee with lots of food texture but still less clarity as it’s flat burr counterparts. Most expensive grinders can also be a lot quieter and faster than the Encore which may justify the cost alone. There’s a huge difference in taste between something like a Baratza Encore or Virtuoso and a Baratza Forte.
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My coffee station
Breville Infuser, Niche Zero, Aarke (for espresso tonics)