Breville Smart Grinder Pro

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  • Great for making espresso
  • Plastic impeller wears down quickly
  • It is not easy to clean the grinder
  • Hard to find replacement parts for this product


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Nylon impeller wears out, no replacement parts from Breville
When it works it's great, BUT: Breville uses a cheap plastic impeller that wears down. The impeller is what pushes the coffee out after it's been ground. If the impeller doesn't work, the coffee beans aren't able to flow down into the burr. Apparently this goes back several years. I bought mine in D...
Merry K
4 years ago
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Perhaps not a perfect grinder but very versatile for a beginner.
Admittedly I'm somewhat of a coffee "novice" - though I've been drinking coffee for almost 4 decades - my coffee making experience has been limited to mainly automatic drip or "pods" - honestly, I've not been too interested in good coffee or as in a hobby until very recently. My wife wanted an espre...
2 months ago
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Best Coffee Grinder of 2022 - GearLab
If you're looking for the best possible starting point for your morning brew, we can't recommend the Breville Smart Grinder Pro highly enough. It earned the highest score in our all-important grind consistency metric and was a frontrunner in every other metric as well. It can even grind finely enoug...
6 months ago
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Important to know - disregard some bad reviews
There are many bad reviews here about this grinder seizing or stopping, and a few even that talk of a burning smell... this is an easy problem to get around. Bottom line, this is a truly superb entry level grinder with one major drawback that is easily overcome. I'll get into what makes this grinder...
Christopher S. Cornette
3 years ago
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Better than the automatics espresso machines we've owned
Review and update Original Review (Purchased Sep 19, 2021) and 2 updates This review details my experience in switching from automatic espresso machines to a Breville BCG820BSS Smart Grinder and Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ Espresso Machine, both purchased on Amazon. We've had automatic espresso mach...
1 year ago
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My First station!
The taste was just nice!. I am now thoroughly caffeinated even though I only finished the last espresso completely.
The media could not be loaded. Horrible! I’ve been making coffe for 35 years and never have I came across such an inferior over priced grinder. As a coffee junkie I’m very passionate about great coffee ( #deathwishcoffee ) and regretfully I trusted other reviews from Amazon users, as well as some ot...
Ray H.
4 years ago
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Breville Smart Grinder Pro review: Breville's smart coffee grinder is best for single servings
The $200 Breville Smart Grinder Pro (£160 in the UK, roughly AU$264 in Australia) coffee grinder uses steel burrs to crush beans into coffee grounds suitable for espresso, drip, cold brew and French press. Even so, it's expensive, complex to operate, and makes mistakes when grinding for pots of drip...
Brian Bennett
5 years ago
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If you are coming from an entry level setup, like Breville, put your money first in the grinder and then second into the espresso machine. I went from an Breville Smart Grinder Pro to an Eureka Atom 75 while keeping the Breville Infuser as the machine.
Coffee Grinder Review: Breville Smart Grinder Pro at Coffee Review
The Bottom Line. There’s much more to like than dislike about this squat and clever machine that grinds more consistently at $25-$70 cheaper than any of the other three grinders reviewed in this report. The Breville brand’s rounded and contoured design language may not blend with every kitchen aesthetic, but for the relatively low price you would be hard pressed to find a machine as all-around ready to contribute to any morning coffee ritual
1 month ago
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