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  • Great for daily wear
  • Well-made and features rich
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Suitable for both dress and sports


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Watch Review: Nomos Club Sport Neomatik 42 Date Blue | aBlogtoWatch
Across the street from the manufacture are both Glashutte Original and A. Lange & Sohne, which also make their own movements and are typically priced higher (often much higher). With the larger case size, convenient automatic movement, and versatile trendy style, the Nomos Club Sport Neomatik 42 Date Blue watch is very much a breakout product that extends the brand’s appeal to new audiences
20 days ago
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[Rolex] Bought my grail watch today
In my mind it's always been the ideal watch - wearable daily, not too flashy, virtually indestructible, and incredibly well-made. It is the final piece rounding off my current 3 watch collection of the white dial Nomos Club Campus 38, and a two-tone Datejust with oyster bracelet that was passed down to me from my dad. It is the nicest thing I've ever purchased and I'm sitting here loving it and staring at it with 0 buyer's remorse.
[Nomos] Good Design is as Little Design as Possible
If I were to ever reduce my collection to one piece, this Nomos Club Date would be a strong candidate. It wears like my favorite pair of jeans or sneakers, and I think it suits all occasions, perhaps with a quick strap change. Today, I have it mounted on a new Crown & Buckle “Imre” strap from their Black Label collection. Good design not only involves the arrangement of elements and materials, but the selection of those materials.
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The Nomos Club Campus, Now in Two Bold New Colorways, Should Be Your First 'serious' Watch
VerdictIt’s nearly impossible not to be astonished at the value the Club Campus brings.
20 days ago
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[SOTC] Explorer, Mark XII, Club, BB58
It’s just folded up underneath :). The Nomos Club 703 is a watch that surprisingly snatches a lot of wrist time. It’s turned into more of a frequently worn watch than I expected and is more than just the “change of pace” piece I thought it would be.
[Nomos] Club 701
Although it is not very suitable for dress watches, the Nomos Club 701 as a casual / sport watch allows extraordinary straps with the advantage of the white dial. If you have straps that you use or like, I would be glad if you could share them. I think it is a nice photo with Turkish coffee and the Nomos notebook. Nomos Club 701 is a manuel wound in-house Alpha movement.
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Nomos Club Automat Datum Watch Review - WatchReviewBlog
Final thoughts. Nomos set themselves apart from the crowd by manufacturing their movements in-house and offering a finished product a surprisingly affordable price. The Club Automat Datum is visually simplistic, and that’s what ultimately makes it so elegant
20 days ago
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[Nomos] For serious divers only
I just don’t have any need for the functionality, and hate the bulk that comes with it. The Nomos Club does have 200m of water resistance, but the lack of a screw down crown makes it a bit of an imposter on the dive watch scene.
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[Tudor][Sinn][Nomos] - “Pragmatic” Travel Companions
I started with the Sinn U50 and the Nomos Club Neomatik as my perfect beach vacation watches. One super rugged piece for any rough and tumble adventures to be had, and another fun piece for the pool and other shenanigans.
[Nomos] Olive
This is the limited edition Nomos Club Olive xx/175 pieces. Had my eye on this since release but after the prompt sell out of these on the Nomos site I was left searching Chrono24 for one that wasn’t at a gouging flip price. Green dials have always been a thing for me and this is the perfect green in my opinion. The in-house automatic movement ticks away at a more than chronometer specification accuracy, and the exhibition case back is a marvel for it’s price range.
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