Lange 1

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  • Great for a special occasion
  • Unique and asymmetrical dial
  • Good value for the money
  • Smooth movement
  • Compliments any outfit


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[Lange 1] Monthversary with my (now attained) grail
As I read more into the brand, the Lange 1 was the piece that jumped out at me. Its asymmetric dial layout was compelling, looking balanced without being balanced. Finishing was top-notch too, with the beautifully adorned 3/4 plate and usual bells and whistles that have become hallmarks of the Glashutte watchmaker.
[ALS] Lange 1 Moon Phase, tax included
I picked up this watch about a week ago, just before Thanksgiving, to celebrate a big promotion. I'd been eyeing the Lange 1 for a while and the moon phase really completes the look. It was refreshing to not have to play any games to get this watch, either. I'd been to the boutique here in NYC a handful of times and stayed in touched with my salesperson, but wasn't quite ready to pull the trigger.
[Patek Philippe] 5711
For the life of me, I do not understand the obsession with this watch. You could have bought an AP Royal Oak Offshore and a Lange Grand 1 for the same money, have two better watches, and have a sport and dress watch for different occasions. There are even significantly better watches by PP for less money. I just don’t get it...all for a style that feels rather yawn-inducing, even if it is executed flawlessly.
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[Lange] 1815 Annual Calendar 238.032
Patek is likely the pinnacle of horology, but Lange is a “boutique” brand that I have admired so much. I debated between the Lange 1 and Saxonia models, but when I saw this rose gold 1815 Annual Calendar it just captivated me. The rose gold and deep blue hands are out of this world. It’s kind of weird to say this watch is under the radar, but 99% of people who I will interact with won’t know what it is.
Owner Review: A. Lange & Sohne Lange 1
The A. Lange & Sohne Lange 1 feels solid, and with a case size of 38.5mm, wears comfortably on the wrist
19 days ago
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[A. Lange & Sohne] Lange 1 Moonphase
But once I was finally lucky enough to see a Lange 1 in person, the quality difference was worth the larger price tag. I had originally been a bit hesitant about the smaller 38.5mm case, but it fits very nicely on the wrist.
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[Glashutte Original] PanoMaticLunar Forest Green - Unexpected Pick-up!!!!
The movement finishing of the GO does not compare to the Lange 1, but for it's price bracket, there is nothing else I've seen that is better. I love this watch and it will definitely be a keeper. Thank you for reading and sharing in my excitement.
Lange Practice test for USMLE step 1 review
The content and the format are similar to the Step 1 exam though a little less challenging. A good book to supplememt Kaplan Qbank and Qbook. Not a good book to start off with as there are some mistakes which can be misleading. The explanations are good and to the point.
S. Kumar
16 years ago
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[Lange] Perfect Duo
Powered by Lange's L951.1, which is almost the same movement the highly coveted Datograph, the movement is a work of horological art. Featuring a column-wheel chronograph with a horizontal clutch, the L951.1 has an impressive 60 hours of power reserve. Unlike most chronographs, it has a pulsometer instead of a tachymeter, which is a nice touch.
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[A. Lange & Sohne] Greetings with the Lange 1!
The Lange 1 is a grail, but not a fan of the strap tbh