Grand Seiko SBGA211

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  • Great for the price
  • Beautiful design and finish
  • Self winding movement
  • 70 hour power reserve
  • No battery needed


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Grand Seiko White Snowflake Ti Watch Most Accurate on Market
Other than watches that use a battery and depend upon the atomic clock or a battery, this watch is the most accurate in the world. While it might not have the cache' of the Rolex or the Omega and a few much more expensive watches, this watch is beautifully crafted; requires no battery, is self windi...
Alex Ford
3 years ago
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[Seiko] My favorite winter watch.
To me, this is the perfect winter watch. Surprisingly, this isn’t a very popular model and many don’t know it exists. I suppose you can attribute that to poor marketing by Seiko. Nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite dials around.
[Grand Seiko] Birthday gift to myself
For my birthday this year I decided to treat myself with a new watch, the Grand Seiko SBGA211, also known as "Snowflake" because of the textured dial and lightness thanks to its titanium bracelet and case construction. I'm not calling it a grail because I was able to buy it so it's not really a grail per se, but it took me ages to make up my mind and finally pick one up. From where I stand, the main selling point of this watch is the textured dial and I like it more than the other GS models that I would also love to own that are fitted into the iconic 44GS stainless steel case, like the SBGA373 model.
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[Grand Seiko] Snowflake On A Cold Winter Morning
So here is my Grand Seiko Snowflake (SBGA211) I'm sure by now everyone knows of this model so I dont know why I keep giving the reference but anyways. This was my first real luxury watch unless you woke consider a Christopher Ward Trident as one, after looking at reviews on youtube ( shout out to u/HorologyHouse ) and pictures of it on Instagram I stumbled upon it in my local AD when wandering in for a look. After crying about how broke I am after buying it the first thing that blew me away was how crazily light it was, coming from massive heavy steel dive watches the Snowflake weighs an actual snowflake in comparison to them.
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Understated watch
After looking at the reviews now I’m actually holding it I have mixed views. The overall looks and finish are to perfection especially the dial. It is not a flashy watch, only understated by the name ie ( is not a Rolex or Omega )in my opinion. I’ve had this watch for about month and time accuracy i...
3 years ago
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[Grand Seiko] Simply serene
I purchased the SBGA211 in October of 2019 after dreaming of it (personal grail) but never imagining I would ever actually own it. I remember the first time I ever tried the Snowflake on was at an AD (just window-shopping) - the first feeling that hit me was how perfectly peaceful it looks. It’s really difficult to put into words how the slowly sweeping blue seconds hand makes you feel as it glides over the dial surface, which really does look like snow.
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[Grand Seiko] My very first Mechanical Watch, Hopefully a start to a strong Collection!
Recently for my 21st Birthday I had pulled the trigger on this masterpiece of a watch, a SBGA211 Grand Seiko 'Snowflake'. After Spending Countless hours scrolling through watch Reddit's and forums online, watching YouTube videos on why I should buy a Grand Seiko over a Rolex I came to the conclusion that for my first Mechanical Watch I would buy the infamous 'Snowflake'. I wanted something with that sleek premium feel, but wasn't too heavy.
Owner Review: Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211
As a newbie tentatively taking his first steps into the world of watches about two years ago, as soon as I saw, read and heard about the Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211, I felt the need to own one almost immediately. And while that desire had been immediate, it took me months of reflection to understa...
2 months ago
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[SOTC] also I wanted to show off my new case
From top left to bottom right:. GS Snowflake SBGA211 on Delugs Nubuck strap - dress watch and an occasional office watch, purchased after graduating & working for a year. BB GMT on Miltat bracelet (because I didn’t want to spend $900 from Tudor with those god awful rivets) - bought this one impulsively. Only watch that I ever immediately fell in love with after trying on.
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[Grand Seiko] SBGM221 Happy Grand Seiko Saturday!
It was a great time, with Japanese liquor and beer, and lots of sushi. We had the opportunity to work on one of their movements and learn about how Spring Drive works to keep such accurate time. I gained an appreciation for what goes into one of these fine watches, and I bought my first GS that night, an SBGA211. It had always been on my radar, but I hadn’t fully committed to the story until after the event.


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