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Omega Speedmaster

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  • Great for a chrono watch
  • Historical significance
  • Timeless design
  • Luxury spec
  • Perfect blend of all these things


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Before You Buy the New Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional (2021)
There are certainly some highlights though in terms of the new movement, but I think the number one star of the show is the bracelet. I, personally again am a fan of this. I think this is an improvement
Teddy Baldassarre
11 days ago
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[SOTC] Two years, two boxes. Need a chronograph recommendation!
If you want a cheap chrono, the sea-gull 1963 is nice. But I would seriously think about saving up and stop getting inexpensive watches and get something nice like an Omega Speedmaster, maybe a Zenith. Obviously, a Daytona would be out of the question. However, I would bet you would wear the Omega more than anything else.
[Omega/Seiko/Casio] The 4 that get all the wrist time
Strap is a Erika's Original and the comfiest strap I own. **Omega Speedmaster Reduced**: This was my 2nd watch purchase after the SARB033 and first step into the luxury watch world.
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[Seiko] Got my first automatic watch!
I am absolutely loving this watch in and out! This is a start of something big and I have Seiko Alpinist next on my list and then Omega Speedmaster after that. Comments are highly appreciated. Thank you guys for inspiring me to go for an automatic watch.
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[Omega] Speedy vs sub date, choose your fighter.
The Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Submariner Date are definitely two of the more recognizable and popular watches in the luxury watch market. Both have timeless designs that have undergone mostly subtle changes over the course of time. The Speedy tends to be the more loveable of the two on forums and amongst the WIS community, whereas the Sub often gets a bit of hate due in large part to many being turned off by Rolex’s marketing techniques. That being said, they are both spectacular watches.
[Omega] 30 minutes after this photo was taken I was married to the woman of my dreams!
Awesome! My wedding gift from my in-laws was the omega speedmaster. They also gave it to me on the day of my wedding. I never expected it to take me down this dangerous path of watch obsession.
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[Question] What is your unpopular watch opinion?
I was able to adjust it myself, then mod it for my wife, but I'll never give them another dime. At least they gave me a new hobby. Swatch Group is dead to me. This hurts to say, because I have wanted an Omega Speedmaster since forever, but I choose not to support bullies.
Omega Speedmaster: Is It Worth It? Men's Swiss Watch Review | Gentleman's Gazette
There are a handful of great names in watchmaking that offer unique and world-renowned timepieces. Today, we’ll be looking at one of the most iconic timepieces from a famed Swiss watchmaker – namely, the Speedmaster from Omega – to examine what it’s made of, how it works, and ultimately, ask the que...
[Recommendation] Clueless on watch for husband
To me, that’s an Omega Speedmaster - not one of the more obscure F1 types, but one that every MD and research scientist will recognize and respect, like one of the many Moonwatches. Many other watches - Rolexes, for example, and a great many others - are widely respected, but in that community, Omega says solid, successful, and reliable, but not flashy.
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[Recommendation] Ideas for my dad's luxury retirement watch.
Patek 5524G if you really want to spend $50K
Omega Speedmaster w/the caliber 3861 (you can walk out of any retailer with it tomorrow!) seems to be a really great watch on many fronts.
If I had big-guy wrists I would wear an IWC Big Pilot
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