Timex Expedition North Field

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Owner Review: Timex Expedition North Field Post Solar
Only criticism of the Timex expedition north field is the printed ‘solar powered’ wording which isn’t really wanted or needed. Why not have ‘expedition north’ in italics or ‘100m water resist’ instead. Apart from these negatives it’s a very pleasing design overall, nicely laid out with charm and character due to the choice of colours and paired down field watch legibility
20 days ago
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Keeps perfect time. Good fit for small and large wrist sizes.
Iv had this watch for about one month now and set it the first day and have wound it in the morning and evening and the time has kept perfectly since the start. I’m ordering a nylon strap for a more casual look, but the original band will definitely be kept for changing out. Especially with the quic...
Greg Anderson
1 month ago
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The one I bought was defective
I was excited to get it…then very disappointed that it was defective
9 months ago
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Sweet affordable Timex mechanical
Nice mechanical watch for a fair price. Tells great time. Movement is a seagull (made in China) but that is what it is for the price point. 20mm lug size make changing straps easy. Timex says the strap is made sustainably, which is nice, I still typically wear it with a black leather strap. I did no...
5 months ago
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TIMEX 38mm Mechanical Field Watch - Expedition North Field Post - Worth The Price? | Full Review
Although I think this is a handsome piece, I think it is a little overpriced for what it is and I think there are a lot better options for field watches at this price point on the market today. And honestly, I just can't get past the handset on this watch. Maybe it's a pet peeve of mine, but the shortness of that second hand and the minute hand really bothers me and I want to hear your thoughts about that down below
The Town Watch
20 days ago
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Very comfortable, almost disappears on the wrist
The media could not be loaded. Love the 100 meters of water resistance, the lume is not very good but Timex is going in the right direction with the sapphire crystal. Great little watch.
Kenneth king
2 months ago
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