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Korg Prologue Still Worth Getting in 2022? | Synth Review
Like i talked about in my review, it's got almost this ms20 style distortion, sound and because it's 12db, it's really gritty and can do these overhymey textures. But it would have been awesome, like on the summit, to have the option to have a 24 db proactive filter back. When i originally did my review, i really praised how versatile the the prologue was, but now i think, after having used it for a lot more time, i wouldn't recommend it as your only synth to me
Miles Away
3 months ago
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What was your first synth?
Korg Prologue, fairly cheap and a lot of fun.
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Is Piano (with a capital P) actually relevant to synthesizers/synthesis?
If, however, you want a synth which does benefit a lot more from piano playing technique, you could look at something like the Korg Prologue 8 (which I think is around your budget), which has full size keys, 49 of them, and more expressive capabilities. In this category there are others too, of course, but it's limited: higher range expressive synths with many voice polyphony get expensive fast.
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What are the best synthesizers in your opinion under 1000$?
* Arturia Minibrute 2S - Good especially if you want weird harsh sounds. The patchbay gives you a ton of sonic space to explore. * Moog Minitaur - The real Moog sound for $500. * Korg Prologue 8 - Doesn't cover much territory that your Minilogue XD doesn't already cover, but for someone that wants a classic analog polysynth, I think this one's a really good deal.
Prologue or Rev2? OB6 or PolyBrute?
Kinda hard to go wrong here though, just more about what you like. I find the Prologue very easy to start at an init patch, turn a few knobs and arrive at a usable, musical sound. But in the same vein it's not as deep sound design-wise as some of the other options.
I coulda SWORN that when first using my Prologue a few months ago, when making patches that had the SUB on, both the main & sub each had their own unique multi-engine - that I could choose separate multi-engine settings for each and customize them individually... however NOW, I'm shocked to find that this is NOT the case. that the multi-engine is acting completely separate from the main/sub and there's only ONE to select/control. is there something wrong with my Prologue 16 and each of the main/sub SHOULD have their own unique multi-engine along with their own two analogue oscillators?
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I briefly had a Minilogue before upgrading to Prologue and had the same thing happen on both, so am guessing it might be an issue with the firmware rather than just an isolated unit itself…. Very so often, the pitch of the oscillators will fluctuate up a semitone from what is being played on the keyboard.
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What Should I Buy? /// Weekly Discussion - November 08, 2021
I was absolutely gobsmacked by this synth when I tried it at NAMM, and in theory if it has the whole Nord sample library it should be able to cover all the bases. Getting up to Kronos money, though. Of course, usually I run multiple synths for live playing, and my ideal solution would be something like a Korg Prologue 16 on top of a Yamaha YC61 (or that MODX).
What are the best synthesizers in your opinion under 1000$?
I was lucky enough to pick up a Korg Prologue 16 for $800 recently.. I’d recommend a Korg Minilogue XD - only four voices but the analog / digital hybrid with FX is really excellent
What are the best analog synthesizers available under 1,000 €?
I don't own one, but if I were in the market for a synth for under $1000 then I'd pick up a gently used Korg Prologue 8. It's got its limitations, but it's a complete 8-voice 16-VCO polysynth with built-in FX and 3rd digital OSC. It does a whole lot for a very focused synthesizer. There are a number of nice VAs in this price range too, but I think analog VCOs really make a big difference in how a synth feels.



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