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  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to program
  • More polyphony than the microKORG
  • Based off of the radias whereas the microKORG is based on the ms2000
  • Radias >r3 >micro Korg xlMs2000> microkorg


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3 months ago
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I feel like went from painting with every colour imaginable to painting with shades of beige. I've not even made a four bar loop that I'm happy with for six months let alone a full track. Obviously, these are relatively basic synths with simple functionality (or, in the case of the Microkorg, hopeless to program due to the interface) and I could spend £800+ on a far more complicated synth with a load of presets and make far more complicated sounds - but then I've spent a fucktonne of cash on a single synth that really only does what one of my 150 soft synths does for free.
Five Stars
Now I have a robot voice and angry neighbors
Laura Jennie
7 years ago
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Oh yeah! I match 89.9% with Korg microKORG!
Why 89.9%?Your Matchscore® was calculated by comparing your music taste with the music taste of people who want to buy or already own Korg microKORG (and have taken this test before you). They mostly are: guysaged 18 to 24who listen to Led Zeppelin and David Bowie and love Pop and Classic rock music...
3 months ago
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$100 well spent?
Anybody that hates on the microkorg is either deaf or relies on presets. The pads you can get out of it in particular are great. The drawbacks are that it only has 4 voices and that the editing workflow is a little fiddly. I don’t think you can complain with the functionality and sound it offers at that price point though.
REVIEW of Microkorg
Just look at the vocal series - and this brings me to one of the biggest drawbacks of the synthesizer. Besides the matrix of trying to make your own sound is the keys.
Basement Arcade
3 months ago
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Perfect for talkbox!
The media could not be loaded. Got this just for my MXR 222 Talkbox. Has alot of sounds right out of the box but the real fun is in creating your own synths. I highly recommend this.
4 years ago
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I'm perfectly content with the gear I have, and it's an extremely liberating feeling
Started out with just a MicroKorg and my laptop back in 2014-2017. It was the most creative period of my life musically. Did songs with my band, for my self, soundscapes, covers, and even a soundtrack for a short film with a buddy who is a producer. After that I started getting more gear (a Juno 6, some effects processors, a Volca..), and gradually my creativity tanked completely to the point where I didn't make music anymore.. GAS is poison for creativity and productivity IMHO.
Friday Hangout /// Weekly Discussion - November 05, 2021
I just ordered a PolyBrute. My first synths were a MicroKorg and EMX-1, 10 years ago. I got my first synths as a gift on a birthday, and 10 years later I'm purchasing a PolyBrute on my special day. Never give up, always create. ❤
People like to complain about the fact that the Microkorg uses ...
I've always wanted a Microkorg, and having extra patch banks and external speakers is well worth the additional cost imo. People like to complain about the fact that the Microkorg uses a digital synth engine and argue that you might as well use a DAW in that case. Well, that may true, but I would ar...
Amazon Customer
5 years ago
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