Knock Aergrind Hand Grinder

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  • Made for grinding coffee beans
  • Grinds quickly and efficiently
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


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Knock Aergrind Review - THE COFFEE FOLK
This is a quality grinder that has had no issues for me and that I look forward to using each day.
1 month ago
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Great little grinder
I love this grinder: doesn't need too much manpower to grind, even at espresso setting. Dialing in the right setting takes a little bit of finessing to get espresso grinds juuust right, but once you find it, the quality and taste of the brew is just beautiful. Much better taste than more expensive e...
Leah L.
1 year ago
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Manual Grinder Maker Knock Unveils a More Refined Aergrind
The O-ring fitment of the 2022 Aergrind has been replaced with a threaded, screw-in unibody construction.
Aergrind wins my vote!
Absolutely terrific grinder for Flair espresso! Love the feel in the hand, plus it’s pretty easy to crank, has stepless adjustment & yields great results in the cup.
1 year ago
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Great, compact grinder
The aluminum body feels sturdy in the hand, leaving no doubts as to build quality. Despite the short handle, it grinds smoothly and produces good, consistent grounds. Filling the grinder is a touch fiddly, but far from unmanageable. I think for the price and certainly the size, it's hard to beat. Th...
Greg B.
7 months ago
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Great grinder and very portable with the Aeropress.
This was a match made in heaven if you use the Aeropress. Even if you don't, it'll make a great pairing. Recently went on vacation and I was able to have great coffee at my Airbnb. This fits inside the Aeropress chamber. Stepless was great and still have lots of learn with this grinder.
I took a s...
1 year ago
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