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  • Great for the size
  • Decent sound quality
  • Good connectivity options
  • Well built
  • Not the best option if you're looking to get a portable all-in-one solution


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Mediocre sound, defective slave speaker, no customer support from KEF
I got these speakers from amazon warehouse deals. There are many returned speakers available, and trust me there is a reason for it... First, the audio is mediocre at best. It sounds like $50 speakers, not $1000 speakers. Piano music sounds horrible. Vocals or dance music is better, but the speaker ...
4 years ago
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Total novice trying to put together a sound system for a disabled client
Excellent, excellent speakers with built in streaming and should have most of the connections you need. If too pricey the Kef LSX are similar but around $1k leaving room for cd players and cassettes. Honestly, a streaming service woudl probably give him all the music he has on cassettes and cds at higher quality.
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Almost perfect... frustratingly bad remote and app
The sound that comes out of these speakers is, well... awesome. I bought them for listening to music and as a better option than a sound bar for my tv. The remote has to be the worst designed thing I have ever used. The remote has red lettering on black, the buttons are flush and it seems to be just...
4 years ago
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Exceeding expectations
I’ve been a serious audiophile for 30 plus years. I knew these speakers were not going to compare with my main system, but what I didn’t know was how engaging I was going to find them. Clear and beautiful mid range, surprisingly tight and low bass and highs that sparkled but never irritated. Most of...
stephen d.
1 year ago
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It’s not much but it’s mine.
Settled with an all in one package, coupled with a small sub as the speakers are used for both TV connectivity, and music. Speakers: KEF LSX.
Excellent, but decide for yourself.
It took me a while to appreciate the ravings everyone raves about. It was the second day having these, and just having tried Audioengine HD3, Edifier 1000, and having had Sonos for two years, is when they might have passed the test. The first day, I thought, well Sonos sounds great and these sound d...
Prateek G.
2 years ago
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KEF LS50 vs KEF LSX: Well, depends! ([month_year])
But just placing books underneath can also be a surprisingly effective DIY method.40Hz – 47kHz 43Hz – 47kHz 46Hz – 47kHz Maximum Output: 106 dBKEF LSX49Hz - 47kHz 52Hz - 47kHz 55Hz - 47kHz Maximum Output: 102 dBBoth speakers shine in this department, giving you a range of connectivity options.
4 months ago
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KEF Q550 First impressions
First impressions coming from the KEF LSX Wireless is the volume that they produce. Not literally the sound volume, but the way they fill up a room with the depth of the sound they produce. Even at low volume they give a warm and deep feel to their sound. I listened to them without the sub, and they have a good amount of natural bass, however the Subwoofer compliments everything quite well.
KEF LSX vs. KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers - Hear the Difference - Audio Bacon
The black and white (fabric-less) versions are the only LSXs with a two-tone rear (port and cabinet) – which is nice. My preference is for the black with red tweeter/accents although there’s something alluring about the olive green.In short, the overall design is going to attract both audiophiles and casual listeners alike
4 months ago
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OK sound, poor value
The good: the sound is decent, once you tune them and dial the distances. It has some good connectivity options. The speakers look good, and are well built. Cables are also good quality (I've rarely seen ethernet cables that are this nice!). The not-so-good: when on standby the speakers emit a disti...
David Chatenay
3 years ago
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Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


6-1/8" W x 9-1/2" H x 7-1/8" D

Left Speaker Weight

7.7 lbs