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  • Great for holographic reproduction
  • Closest to the Focal Clears in terms of sound
  • Neutral-Warm side of things
  • Vintage gear is cool
  • Concerns about the center being on top of the AVR are addressed


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Good, but not great speakers that don't live up to the hype
These speakers get really great reviews here and by audio magazine journalists, but I’m not sure why. As another reviewer here stated, these are good, but not great speakers. They definitely don’t live up to the hype. Very questionable if they are worth the now $1600 price (up from $1500 when I purc...
Bob G
1 year ago
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The highs sounded overly bright and harsh - not something I came to expect from my Paradigm Monitors, and while these sounded much better than my HEOS speakers, I was expecting a transformative experience. So what did I do? I started researching speaker upgrades. Paradigm Prestige, KEF LS50’s, Focal - they were all on the short list.
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Legit Improvement
In short, the LS50 Metas are great. I owned the previous generation LS50s for three years now. I went through multiple amps in my quest for perfection (I wouldn't recommend class D for the LS50s, too bright, empty). Anywho, I found a decent pairing with the Music Fidelity M5si - but I was never trul...
2 years ago
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The WAIT is OVER! KEF Speaker Review - KEF LS50 Speakers - Meta Review
You can see the design here that kef really went to and you're just like whoa yeah they're, nice they're, they're nice. They they look, they look way nicer than fifteen hundred dollar speakers.
Andrew Robinson
4 months ago
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With COVID lockdowns extended, yet again, in Sydney, something tells me that I'm going to cope just fine. Stay safe r/headphones!
With renovations happening on my building at the moment, it's meant a chance to enjoy listening to close-backs cans - namely the Aeon 2 Noire and Focal Radiance. But, once they pack up their power tools at 5pm, I'm really enjoying the KEF LS50's in a near-field arrangement, as well as my open-back cans - in particular to Focal Clear OG (IMHO the best-tuned dynamic cans ever made) as well as the Audeze Sine DX, with aftermarket pads + heavy lashing of EQ.
Fantastic speakers: unrivaled at their small size
I am still trying to figure out why Amazon asks for ratings of "Sheerness" and "Thickness". ??? / Anyway, I read and watched reviews of these speakers before diving in, and then ended building my AV system around them. They are not my first KEF's, so I knew that KEF brings precision and quality-of-b...
John O. Riordan
2 years ago
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KEF LS50 META Review - Meta Made « 7Review
NK VERDICT EISA STANDMOUNT LOUDSPEAKERS 2021-2022 The original, EISA Award-winning LS50 loudspeaker was widely acclaimed, but KEF’s engineers have taken it to a new level with numerous detail revisions including the use of Metamaterial Absorption Technology to further control unwanted driver resonances. That may seem like a small internal upgrade, but the result is a magnificent compact speaker capable of a huge soundstage, generous bass and terrific imaging. It’s an already impressive speaker now transformed into something truly special and, at the price, is the very best of its genre
4 months ago
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A lightning bolt struck my home and destroyed 6000 USD in electronics, despite surge protectors. Upgraded my old Monitor Audio B1's to KEF LS50's for home theater and I've got goosebumps. Buy renter's insurance if you don't have it already!
Decided to upgraded my old Monitor Audio B1's to KEF LS50's and the difference isn't even close. I highly, highly recommend signing up for renters insurance if you don't have it... 6000 dollars worth of shit fried in an instant. The silver lining is that I have a killer new toy to play with.
The best speakers I've ever owned.
Incredible and I haven't even had time to properly break them in. I absolutely loved my last pair of speakers, Chane's tower A 5rx-cc and they aren't even in the same stratosphere as the Metas. The difference in detail, imaging and soundstage are dramatic. Astonishing set of speakers. This is going ...
Craig Beezley
2 years ago
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KEF LS50 Review | World Of Turntables
The LS50 described here, ‘El Clásico’, will give as much as you give them, while the LS50W already offers a near solution. Clearly, the issue of acoustics remains relevant in both models.VerdictAlmost 6 years ago, KEF slapped the competition on the competition and showed how exceptional speakers can be offered for normal money
4 months ago
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