Sonos Five

Sonos Five

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Great sound quality
Line-in port for vinyl enthusiasts
Can be used as rear surround speakers
Easy setup
Portable with wireless
Not compatible with older Sonos devices
Connectivity issues reported by some users
Sonos app lacks certain features, such as the ability to like or dislike songs


Overall, the Sonos Five receives mixed reviews. Many users praise its sound quality and recommend it as a baseline for streaming loudspeakers. However, some users have experienced compatibility issues with older Sonos devices and have had difficulty with connectivity and the Sonos app. Some users also express concerns about Sonos' privacy policies. The Sonos Five's line-in port makes it a good choice for vinyl enthusiasts, and it can be used as rear surround speakers. While some users prefer the stereo separation of two Sonos Ones, others find the single Sonos Five to be sufficient.


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Speaker Type

Multiroom wireless speaker

Model Name

Sonos Five

Speaker Size

3.5 Millimeters

Compatible Devices


Personal Computer



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