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  • Great for speed
  • Super solid, whisper quiet ride
  • Tamest member of the family when it comes to acceleration
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Kaabo Mantis 8 Review: The Mini Mantis » Electric Scooter Guide
Kaabo Mantis 8: Review Conclusions The Mantis 8 is a solid performance commuter scooter built for long-term cruising. With this electric scooter, you’re getting the now excellent build quality of a Kaabo scooter but with a smoother ride quality than we’ve witnessed on a Mantis. The 8 is fast enough to whip your hair around (under your helmet), but not so fast that you’re gripping the handlebars for your life
Ghost 150 Mile Update
Nothing else out there at the moment has this kind of build quality (I'm looking at you Kaabo Mantis), performance, and comfort at this price point. Are there faster and more comfortable scooters out there? Yes, I'm sure there are several, but there aren't any that have 10" tires weigh less than 65lbs, and cost less than $2300. Oh, and have a good company backing it with great CS support.
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Apollo Phantom vs Nanrobot D6+
I recommend something smaller for only a 2 mile commute. Kaabo Mantis 8 dual motor would probably work just fine for you. Or go even smaller like a Ninebot max.
Does the Mantis Pro Minimotors ED have stem quality problem?
As of November 2020, Kaabo Mantis stems are back to their one piece design. The easy way to tell if the stem is an issue is by spotting the grub screw of the 2-part design, just above the triple clamp.
Just purchased this after seeing a deal on Best Buy! Did I make a good purchase here?
It's very sturdy, overbuilt even. Enough power to get me up hills (at a lower speed of course) and is super fun to carve on, especially on fresh pavement. The lack of suspension limits how fast you can ride it on various surfaces but soon you will develop techniques that allow you to pop over road imperfections. After 9 months of riding it nearly daily, I decided to treat myself (with restraint) and got a Mantis 8.
Emove Cruiser Got Stolen, What Should I Buy?
Get a Kaabo Mantis. Tell FluidFreeRide about your issue and I'm sure they'll give you a discount. I remember I bought my Mantis for $1500 and it was super fun and reliable.
Kaabo Mantis 8: Best E-scooter You Can Get under $1200
If your motivation is city commuting and you like to have some off-road sports in your spare time, I believe Kaabo Mantis 8 is definitely the best choice for you. You can see the latest price here.
2 months ago
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Kaabo Mantis 8 vs Vsett 8
I'm from Norway as well. Was choosing between Zero 9, Kaabo Mantis 8 and Vsett 8. Ended up getting the Vsett 8 for build quality, range and portability. The Kaabo is faster, but i don't think i will be driving that fast with the fear of getting stopped by the police lol.
Hear Ye! Looking for a commute scooter to travel 10 miles per day round trip. looking to spend $800-$1000. Please drop your suggestions
I bought a Kaabo Mantis 8 for the same reason and its the most reliable mf I’ve ever rode. At 1100 usd you get tubeless pneumatic tires, 28mph average on full charge, dual 500w motors, turn signals, etc.
Better Scooters than these for the Price. Short Range City commuter in an area with shitty roads.
The Mantis 8 and WideWheel are nice machines, but they're 50 - 60 lbs depending on the motor configuration. Also, don't forget they have airless tires. For some, that's a plus, but keep in mind they don't have as good a grip as pneumatic tires and a rougher ride.