Junghans Max Bill

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Understated Elegance
The watch is perfect for the individual who is looking for subtle sophistication. This watch does not scream for attention, but catches the wandering eye of those who appreciate simplicity. I researched the watch that was for me, but was sold after watching Teddy's youtube review.
Tanner H.
1 year ago
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[Junghans] Bauhaus Lume.
Here’s another underrepresented piece: The Junghans Max Bill 38mm quartz. You often hear about the mechanical counterparts, and rightfully so, but this is a nice affordable alternative. You can pick these up for around 399, or used (like me) for quite a but less.
[Junghans Max Bill] I’m set for life. Engagement gift from my fiancé.
After searching for a few years for a watch that fit my style and my wrist, I finally found the one. This is the Junghans Max Bill Auto 4700.02. After proposing to my now fiancé, they quickly returned the favor with this engraved timepiece. I could not be happier.
[Junghans] My first automatic watch
I just took delivery of my new Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope. This is my first Automatic watch and first foray into nicer watches. I fell in love with this watch the moment I saw it on this sub and bought it to wear at my upcoming wedding. This model is 40mm (42.5 lug-to-lug) with an ETA 7750 caliber.
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[Junghans] IMO within the top3 of best chronograph designs ever
I have owned the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope for a while now and still love it today as much as the first time I saw it. Of all watches I have owned, this watch receives the most compliments by far, especially by non-watch people. To me that is a true unbiased look that is not influenced by the watch community. To me this is one of the best looking Chronographs ever designed.
A Modern Vintage Watch
Purchased 6/24/17 from Amazon partner Dexclusive for $759.00. Model 027/3500.00. One could call the Junghans Max Bill a modern vintage watch because of its: Hard plexiglass crystal instead of sapphire or mineral “glass”. Lack of date complication. 38 mm size. Bauhaus styling. Modern elements include...
Steve W.
5 years ago
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Owner Review: Junghans Max Bill Manual Wind
If you’re somebody like me who wants to try smaller watches to experience times gone by, the Max Bill is a great option that can be found for less than AU$1000. Purely in terms of design aesthetic, this little guy stands up tall next to Nomos and has the history to back it.
2 months ago
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[Junghans Max Bill Quartz] My first watch purchase.
I recently got really into watches and decided to treat myself on my birthday to this amazing Junghans Max Bill. I just absolutely love this black dial and it works so well with formal as well as informal attire. Though I reserve it usually for night outs with the missus. It's not got an automatic movement, but I love this watch nonetheless.
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[SOTC] My Daily Drivers
It just feels perfect on my wrist and just has this exquisite beauty. Junghans Max Bill - This is my go-to professional watch. I absolutely love Bauhaus design and this watch is just extraordinarily clean. For anything that requires understated professionalism, where everything is toned down as much as possible, this is my first reach.
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[ASK]Best entry level watches under $1000
Again from a company with a rich watch making history. Junghans. A favourite on r/watches. The Max Bill is very well known around here but I'd check out the Form C. You'll also want to give some thought to what kind of watch and what size of watch.


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