Humanscale Liberty

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  • Made for human scale
  • Patented form sensing mesh technology
  • Automatic resistance on the back
  • Seat depth and back height are set by the user
  • Chair moves with the person sitting in it


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Top reviews

12 years and going strong
I bought this chair 2nd hand over 12 years ago. I am a big guy (230-280 over these last dozen years) and I find this to be the most comfortable office chair I've used. The automatic resistance on the back is really great and keeps me from having to adjust tension constantly like I do on other chairs...
W. Waychoff
2 years ago
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Humanscale Liberty Task Chair - Order Today
Niels Diffrient, the designer of all of the Humanscale seating, is an icon in the industry and has led the way in designing chairs with Passive Ergonomics. He strives for simplicity of design and simplicity of use, so that the user sets some adjustments, in this case seat depth and back height, and...
What model are these chairs?
Humanscale Liberty task chairs, possible the best chairs in the Humanscale lineup
Herman Miller Aeron is trying to kill my butt, any better alternative?
Ass-wise the Liberty is the most comfortable. The seat is the widest and soft like memory foam.
Best purchase for WFH
#1. Definitely a quality task chair. I own a Humanscale Liberty and Diffrient Smart and have had Aeron and while you may say “what, $1000+!?
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Are $1000 chairs really worth it?
I got a 6yo Humanscale Liberty for 150$ (new around 900$) and it's amazing to me. Way better than the last chair I paid 600$ new.
What the seat is made of...? No clue.
I've used these chairs for about 3 days... here's my comments so far... Note this is after my company "Upgraded" from the "Freedom" Chair (so named because you had to frequently stand up to avoid permanent injury to yourself). "Fabric": I have no clue what this seat is made of but it has a major iss...
7 years ago
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Deals Thread #4
I just purchased a Humanscale Liberty for £199 incl. free delivery. The product info says it’s in ‘Excellent Condition’.
Start Here @ the official R/OfficeChairs - Mega Task Chair Referral Thread #2
* **Humanscale Liberty** - Very nice, but weird armrests and this company's tilt thing are not for me. * **Humanscale Freedom, no headrest** - Same as above. Would like to try the headrest version though. **Yeah I'd buy this to save some cash tier**.
Humanscale means under 5'10"!
For people 5'11" and over this is an overpriced stool. Our entire brand new corporate office is recently populated with these chairs. I am a video editor and spend most of my day in this chair. The seat is great. The mesh is great. The adjustments or lack there of and fixed design are where this cha...
marcus r. thompson
7 years ago
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Product Dimensions

26.5 x 25 x 43.3 inches

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer