Hiboy S2

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  • Great for commuting
  • App provides a lot of cool options for customizing performance
  • Rear shock absorber is the big thing that makes the S2 stand out
  • Relatively smooth and safe riding
  • Not too bad to carry around


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Hiboy S2 Review: Keeping Pace with the Xiaomi Mi M365? » Electric Scooter Guide
6 feet Range12.7 miles Hill climb19.3 seconds Overall, the Hiboy S2 is a solid entry-level electric scooter for a first-time buyer, packing a satisfying level of power and speed
This HiBoy S2/S2 Pro is awesome! S2 for me (I weigh 130lbs) and my husband got the S2 Pro (he weighs 235lbs). Wow, what a blast these electric scooters are! We took them on the bike path and traveled about 19 miles during our almost 2 hour scooting adventure! Mostly on comfort mode we synced our top...
2 years ago
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I ordered 2 scooters - a Fluid Freeride Horizon and a Hiboy S2 Pro. I rode the Hiboy around a bit the day they came but really not that much. Yesterday I took the Horizon for a much longer ride, I'd say a couple of hours. Really enjoyed it and had fun, but I could tell my calf on my back leg (right) was a little bit sore.
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Neighborhood exploration, Hiboy S2 Pro
Yessir. A fellow hiboy s2(pro)! They're really awesome.
Feature rich daily driver for grocery runs
So I’ve only had it for a few hours but I’m really impressed so far. The app provides a lot of cool options for customizing performance. I will say idk who is riding this thing at 19mph cause on my run to the store I noticed that it gets a bit squirrelly at around 16mph. I’ve never had much luck wit...
2 years ago
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New to scoot. Recommendations would be appreciated.
Enough speed and range to keep you from wanting to upgrade for a fair bit. It’s on the high end of your budget so if you want something a bit cheaper you would probably do fine with the hiboy S2 Pro.
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Two Thumbs up for the S2 Hiboy Electric Scooter | Electric Scooter | Electric Scooter Review
I think it's a pretty good value and would have no problem recommending this to others.
Electric Revolution
2 months ago
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Out of the box, it seems very 'solid' and well-built. I bought my daughter a Gotrax GKS Lumios, which I received on Sunday, and the S2 feels a lot more 'serious', which I suppose makes sense, given the target market for these two scooters. It took about 10 minutes to assemble the handle bars, adjust the disc brake (I had to tighten it a bit), and pair the scooter with the Hiboy S2 app. Then, I was out the door.
Firmware & app updates address most issues
Support is helpful and fast, typical wait for email is 2-12 hours for a response. The first time my scooter was locked via Bluetooth then would neither reconnect nor roll the front wheel... I couldn't even walk it 3 miles home, I had to uber. I found that plugging in the power cable forces a shutdow...
Jeremy B
2 years ago
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First ride tomorrow into Manhattan via public transit from Nassau county. Razor E Prime III.
Using an electric scooter saves me about 30 mins each way so an hour in total everyday commuting to work and back home. Purchased a Hiboy S2 during black friday deal from amazon.


Assembled Product Weight

32 lb

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

46.00 x 17.00 x 47.00 Inches