Herman Miller Embody

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  • Contour of chair obviates need for physical headrest
  • People are willing to pay a lot for quality and style
  • Herman Miller is well-known for both, with its office chairs


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We test Herman Miller’s $1,499 gaming chair: All business—to a fault
That's assuming you have $1,499 to devote to a new chair, either for your home office or your favorite gaming room. And when we take a hard look at ergonomics in a chair you use frequently, the Herman Miller x Logitech Embody hits many crucial notes—adjustability on multiple axes, room to comfortably shift, and promotion of proper posture.
4 months ago
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Hands On: We Test Our Cheeks On The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair
Image: Nintendo Life
Back when the all-powerful Reggie Fils-Aimé announced his retirement from Nintendo in 2019, he shared a photo online through his brand spanking new Twitter account, and some eagle-eyed office chair aficionados noticed that Reggie had been sitting his readied body in an outdated...
4 months ago
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Dump your old Aeron chair for this one. It's way better.
I've enjoyed the Herman Miller Aeron chair for 10+ years. But when this cool looking Herman Miller "Embody Chair," came out, I was very impressed with the features. I ditched my Aeron chair for this one. The Embody chair arrived this morning. Right out of the box, fully assembled. No tools. No broke...
5 years ago
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Embody, Leap, Gesture Review
I purchased this chair with every intent to return it, because I was positive that you could find a better (or equally as comfortable chair) for less money after reading all of the reviews about it. After a lot of hands-on experience with a few chairs, I decided to keep the Embody. For three years, ...
Sneaky Potato
5 years ago
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If visual impact or overall polish are primary concerns, then Herman Miller has the edge. Anyone who knows office chairs will recognize an Embody or Aeron, but the Fern isn't as iconic and doesn't really scream that it's special when you see it in person.
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Love my chair! My husband
Love my chair! My husband and son have an embody chair for some years and both love it. I was first hesitant because of the price, but when I had Sciatica I went and got me one, too. It helped so much and no back pain since! The Herman Miller chairs are very well made. My son usually breaks his chai...
Patricia H.
9 months ago
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Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair Review
People are willing to pay a lot for quality and style. Herman Miller is well-known for both, with its office chairs having earned a reputation among well-heeled offices. The Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody is the company’s take on a gaming chair and a collaboration with Logitech. It’s ...
Will Greenwald
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Is it even worth to buy a "Gaming Chair"?
For the comfort I get, I'm more than happy to spend £8 a month. Before Embody chair, I've had 'CEO leather chair'. When I was younger, I went through a ton of cheapish desk chairs that lasted between a year and two.
Herman Miller x Logitech reviewed: Embody Gaming chair, Nevi desk and Ollin monitor arm
Of the three, the Embody Gaming definitely makes the strongest case for itself - perhaps unsurprising, given that Herman Miller made their name making chairs rather than desks or monitor arms - with the Ollin in second place and the Nevi in third.
4 months ago
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I like the comfort of the Chair but the short-comings make me question the price & my purchase
There were No instructions as far as what each of the controls do I had to google the information on how to make the chair's adjustments. No warranty information came with this chair . The castors/wheels that came with this chair seem to be cheap and they lack a quality feel that I expected. For the...
2 years ago
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General Dimensions

45" H 29.5" W 29" D

Box Dimensions

41" H 29" W 28" D


Comes fully assembled


12-year warranty (terms and conditions may vary)