Haworth Zody

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  • Great for those who spend a lot of time sitting
  • No armrests, which some people find uncomfortable
  • Chair is made of metal
  • Seat cushion is not very comfortable
  • Backrest can be adjusted to a wide range of heights


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Great chair but does NOT come with 4d adjustable arms.
I bought this chair after sitting in one a friend had and loved it. I have a smaller frame than average and found that most chairs armrests were too far apart which caused my elbows to splay out in order to reach the armrests. I spend 8-10 hours a day on my computer and this led to shoulder problems...
Alex Clark
1 year ago
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All-inclusive Review of the Haworth Zody Task Chair - Office Interiors
Many of the reviewers turned to the Haworth Zody after suffering from a bad back in another chair.
4 months ago
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Zody Chair by Haworth, Inexplicable Green Comfort
red the offices of a green renovation and they had a room full of Zody chairs. When they were looking for chairs, they felt the Zody chair was superior in green benefits and had a reasonable price. Testing the Zody:Haworth was kind enough to send me the Zody Chair to test drive
4 months ago
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I bought an used Haworth Zody in excellent condition for great price and while I like the chair a lot so far, the 4D arm rests change position too easily while moving around on the chair. I don't mind them being wobbly, I guess that's normal in a 4D design, but the left-right slide and pivot are constantly changing and get me fiddling with the arm rests quite often.
ergonomic chair for good posture, less lower back pain
If you are not in the US - you still can buy most of these chairs, but the return could be quite expensive. In the case of Canada, you could look at Ergocentric and Nightingale chairs. ​. Pay attention to Haworth Zody - probably the best chair for back issues.
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You *Really* Need a Nice Desk Chair
It has (for me) the right amount of customizable parts, all placed exactly where I’d expect them to be, and all operated with an easy user experience. I felt like I’d been sitting in this chair for years already. The sleek, flexible cross bars that provide the infrastructure of the seat and the back seemed like the perfect balance of pliable and firm
4 months ago
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Opinions on sidiz t50 series?
It is a comfortable chair, albeit not for very long stints. I don't feel the chair bottoming out like some appear to report ("feeling plastic") despite me being slightly heavier than most people. What I do feel is some discomfort after about 1h straight on the chair, in contrast to only feeling it about 2-3h on my other premium chairs (Steelcase Please v2, Haworth Zody, but the Fern is kind of on para with the t50).
Haworth Zody Chair Review - Pain Free Working
Here’s another review to convince you that the Zody is one of the best among other chairs in the market: “No chair can be 100% perfect, but the Haworth Zody Task Chair comes very close to it. This task chair has a great list of features and you can use it for many applications such as home, office, the boardroom, or the executive’s office. You can adjust this office chair in different ways so it fits each person in the right way
4 months ago
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Office Chair or Gaming Chair
With your budget, I recommend looking at used/refurbished high end ergo chairs. Steelcase Leap, Haworth Zody/Very, etc. These are quality chairs that will help your posture and alleviate any pain.
Review: Haworth Zody Task Chair
If you’ve got to sit, you’ll want to invest in a really good office chair. Fortunately, Haworth has got you covered. I’ve been testing out a Haworth Zody Task Chair in my home office, and I can say without question that it’s the most comfortable and supportive office chair I’ve ever used
4 months ago
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