Hario Skerton Pro

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  • Great for the price
  • Not the best for a consistent grind
  • Hard to use on a table
  • Rubber bottom doesn't do enough to secure it
  • Burr rocks back and forth making very inconsistent grinds


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How to adjust the grind & video review
The media could not be loaded. TheKyocera and the Hario Skerton are the same grinder, just with different labels. Update: Since I posted this video Hario has added a silicone lid and bottom cap to this grinder. Both are very helpful - the lid keeps the beans from bouncing out while you grind and the...
10 years ago
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Exceptional home espresso grinder
You are probably reading a bunch of reviews to decide if you want this coffee mill. This one is going to be focused around using it to help make espresso at home, so let me get the rest of its uses out of the way first. It is my opinion that this grinder really does its best overall job grinding for...
7 years ago
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Very even grind
This is one of the most even grinding manual coffee grinders I've ever used. It grinds evenly and predictably with minimal effort. If you are coming from an electric coffee grinder, it will take some time to get used to adjusting for your preferred grind and the effort it takes to grind coffee (a sh...
1 month ago
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Beware of clones
It's a long story why I have two hand grinders. One is a real Hario. The other is a copy. One works, one doesn't. They're both identical except the ceramic grinder. The Hario that's grey works great. The clone that's white can't even grind - it'll only crush. If you get one with the white ceramic, g...
7 years ago
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Fits my mason jar perfectly.
Great grinder, easy to adjust and use, only need an occasional shake to get beans to drop to grinder. Favorite part is that the grinder part fits a standard size mason jar perfectly, so if the glass receptacal is too small just grab a jar and screw it on. (Larger mason jar in photos is NOT included,...
Amazon Customer
2 months ago
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Worth upgrading to a steel burr grinder?
Definitely don't get a Skerton. That thing is a major pain to use and takes forever to grind. You'll thank yourself later if you get a Timemore or 1Zpresso.
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know thy coffee beans
We first purchased the last version of this manual grinder because electric grinders are so loud, and they end up having a metal taste to it. The best part is: You can know FEEL the beans that you brew! By manual grinding we found out that darker beans are softer/ easier to grind, decaf/ drier beans...
5 years ago
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Disappointed over time (1 yr+ review)
The Skerton Pro was the 3rd grinder I’ve owned. I was using the JavaPresse before the Skerton, which is a lot cheaper. I decided to try the Skerton hoping it would be lower effort. I found the JavaPresse slippery and over time was worried I was hurting my wrists. The Skerton seemed much better at fi...
Ben R. Boule
4 years ago
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Very nice Japanese product
This is a product designed to last and made of quality. The reason didn't give 5 stars is because the dripper is made of plastic instead of glass as advertised.
2 months ago
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Hario Skerton Review: How Good Is The New 'Pro' Version?
The Final Verdict. The Hario Skerton Pro offers decent grinding, nice build quality, and a bubbly design at a budget price. But today this design paradigm is kinda outdated, and for that reason I don’t recommend the Hario Skerton Pro anymore





Stainless Steel



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1.43 Pounds

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