Gotrax XR Elite

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  • Great for commuting
  • Handlebars are comfortable and easy to use
  • Throttle and brake lever feel smooth
  • Scooter makes it easy to commute without a car
  • Price is good for what you get


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Gotrax Xr Elite Review » Electric Scooter Guide
Ad GOTRAX Xr Elite Features Portability The Elite tips the scales at 32 lbs and folds down to a compact 41-inches long by 17 inches wide by 16 inches tall. Like its predecessors, the Xr Elite is a very portable scooter and should be easy to carry up stairs or lift into the back of the car.
Enjoying my new Apollo ghost. It’s a great upgrade from the gotrax gxl2
I’ll say it’s an upgrade! My City was a huge upgrade from Gotrax Elite. Different class of scooter.
GoTrax XR Elite Review: The Best Electric Scooter for Commuting
THe scooter also feels more balanced than other GoTrax models because the battery is located in the deck, giving a lower center of gravity making you feel more secure. PROS • This scooter features high-quality construction at a low pricepoint • The GoTrax XR Elite has one of the longest ranges of any budget scooter on the market, reaching up to 18 miles on a single charge • It has been rated to have a solid water-resistance level CONS • The top speed of the GoTrax XR Elite is significantly lower than some of the other choices on the market • There is a chance that someone may get a flat tire if they ride on rough roads • Even though it is nice that there is a rear tail light, it is not going to be that conspicuous in poor visibility conditions Add your review | Read reviews and comments Everyone has to make sure they weigh both the benefits and drawbacks of the GoTrax XR Elite before they make a decision. back to menu ↑ Conclusion: A Final Word on the GoTrax XR Elite Electric Scooter Ultimately, the GoTrax XR Elite is one of the most popular options for a commuter scooter
2 months ago
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GoTrax XR Elite Review: Reliable Budget Electric Scooter
The XR Elite has an upgraded kickstand from previous models and it works well.
why is Gotrax hated?
He said gotrax dodnt have enough power and is built badly. Some of my friends also have gotrax, and one of their screws fell of while riding. Folding mechanism is also very loose when youre riding(its shaking alot if you shake it), sometimes it feels like the stem would break and you would fall, as compared to ninebot, its very sturdy and doesnt move. Battery percentage on the screen is also very inacurate, full throttle from full bars for 10 sec gets you to one bar, then break a bit and it goes back up to 4, so you dont really know how much battery you really have (comparisons: gotrax apex, gxl v2, xr elite, ninebot g30p.
Great Commuter Scooter
The media could not be loaded. I got the the Xr electric scooter so I could commute and run errands without my car. The scooter makes it easy. It feels very safe to ride with the dual braking systems, sturdy frame, and pneumatic tires. The speed is modest, topping out around 15mph, but it gets me ef...
3 years ago
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GoTrax XR Elite 6 Month Review 2021
Overall, I bought this scooter for 330 dollars. I used some codes and coupons, had it for a couple months now and I do recommend this scooter to everybody because the price is so good and for what you get, it's a great value Because the deck is so large, the battery is great, the speeds are reasonable, and you don't really notice a lot of low end options on this.
The Scooter Spot
2 months ago
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Scam company, useless warranty
My scooter arrived with a non-working tail light. Seems like a small issue, but it's a safety thing, and I paid a lot for this scooter. So I went through the Amazon process to replace it, but that referred me to the Gotraxx company. They made me submit the same information 3 times, then finally appr...
2 years ago
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This thing has a lot of power and a lot of juice and it's really fun to ride now. I've tested all of Gotrek's scooters and this is definitely their best electric scooter that they offer. If you want all the range, durability, and performance that an E-scooter can offer, then you definitely want this scooter
ALL Electric ⚡️
2 months ago
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First time E-scooter buyer drowing in the research
I first got a Gotrax elite- I don't recommend that it worked well but they have really bad service if you have a problem but it was cheap like 280. What I did end up buying after that was a Fluid Freeride Horizon.



300W high-speed brushless gear motors


36V 7.8Ah li-ion Battery

Charging Time

4 hours

Climbing Capacity

14 ̊