Giant Defy Advanced

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  • Great for the price
  • Comfortable ride
  • Good for long rides
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Lightweight frame


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Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2 review
Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2 bottom line. As an endurance bike, the Defy is pretty much flawless. The ride quality exudes comfort, the handling is pure class and the specification doesn’t leave you wanting for anything other than a bottle cage or two
2 months ago
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Searching for Endurance Road recommendations
Take what you will from this. My next bike will most likely be either a Giant Defy Advanced 2 or a Synapse Carbon 105. Both under $3k and typically get good reviews.
Which upgrades/accessories do you regret buying?
I upgraded a few years ago to a Giant Defy advanced. It definitely has its advantages like disc brakes, better components, smoother shifting ect.
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Good entry level endurance road bike?
I wouldn't recommend the new one because they raised the price a lot and cheaped out on all the components (tiagra 10 speed). If I were in the market for a new endurance bike, it would be the Giant Defy Advanced or Specialized Roubiax.
What to expect from 24lbs Aluminum Road bike to 17lb Carbon Aero Bike
I made a similar jump from a 1997 Trek 1220 to a Giant Defy Advanced 0. The other comments are correct -- a bike won't make you much faster or a better rider on its own, but the right bike will make you want to ride WAAAAAAY more which will translate into serious gains. I have zero regrets about the money I spent; my bike is the best physical object purchase I've made.
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Is the Trek Domane SL 5 worth the $850 extra over the Giant TCR ADVADVANCED 2 DISC-PRO ?
It’s the most comfortable race geometry bike I’ve ever personally rode. In August I bought a new Giant Defy Advanced because I can no longer physically ride the Waterford to anywhere near its full potential.
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Giant Defy Advanced 2 review
Yes, this might be close to the ideal summer bike for a good 80% of road riders, but it’s also well enough equipped to be your only bike, for all conditions and climes.
2 months ago
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Difference between giant Defy and TCR
As others have said, the Defy is geared towards the sportive endurance type rider. I just made the jump to a Giant Defy Advanced 2 and I’m in love. It’s my first fancy bike and is damn comfortable.
Giant Defy Size M/L or M - Road Bike
I have a 2019 Defy Advanced, size M/L and I am 5’10”. Works for me.
Giant Defy Advanced Pro (1 and 2) vs Specialized Roubaix (Comp and Expert)| What is your choice and why?
I chose the Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 because it’s lighter than the roubaix and the trek. The weight penalty of the roubaix shock absorbers wasn’t worth it. Depends how bad your roads are where you are. If you have good asphalt then you shouldn’t need the suspension.



Advanced-Grade Composite, disc


Stratus Lite 3.0


Giant D-Fuse, composite, 14mm offset


Giant Approach