Focal Aria 906

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  • Great for the price
  • Good sound quality
  • Easy to drive with a low impedance amp
  • Not a lot of power
  • A bit too bright


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Nice Buttery Sound that is Perfect for Music in a Relatively Huge Cabinet
I picked up a pair of these Focal Aria 906s from the second hand market owned by a classy musician that upgraded to Magnepan 1.7i, and I conducted a mini comparison in my living room. I compared these to my Paradigm Signature S1s with beryllium dome tweeters and my KEF LS50s as seen in the picture. ...
4 years ago
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My first, humble setup! Bought everything 2nd hand
Had the stands made by a friend, ironically they're the most expensive piece of this setup. I'm so so so happy with how it turned out, the only thing I would change in a few years is swap the speakers for a pair of Focal Aria 906 (not for any reason in particular, I just have a big crush on them hehe). Also very satisfying to watch my record collection grow slowly but surely.
My wife made me do it
Bookshelves - Focal Aria 906 (I love how they sound and I can listen all day long). Integrated Amp - Yamaha AS801. Subwoofer - HSU ULS-15 (this thing is Huge!). Cables - BJC.
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Focal aria k2 906 review: Material Difference « 7Review
It’s still a good figure though, amplifiers of 60W or more being suitable for high volume. The Aria K2 906 is a well engineered, accurately balanced loudspeaker for near wall use where it will give detailed, dry sound. EXCELLENT – extremely capable
4 months ago
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It’s happened again! But there’s been worse ways to spend a Wednesday evening
After getting rid of the OG Ls50 because of their lack of low end presence (I did get nearly there with a sub but don’t really have the room for one, it’s that bad). I sold the OG and bought the Aria 906, while not quite as light footed and revealing as the LS50 they were definitely an improvement in overall low end and were so ridiculously enjoyable I didn’t worry about the loss of resolution.
My 2.1 office setup!
Streamer: Yamaha WXC-50 and desktop computer both connected to the DAC. So last year I treated myself to a new home theater and an office stereo! I've always enjoyed the Focal sound, and I can't say enough good things about the Aria bookshelf speakers! It's a small guest bedroom I'm using as an office.
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Focal Aria 906 K2: a powerhouse of energy and vitality - Son-Vidé blog
Focal Aria 906 K2: conclusion The Focal Aria 906 K2 speakers benefit greatly from the new Focal K2 cone which gives them an undeniable authority in the low end of the spectrum as well as great vitality in the midrange. The bass is impactful yet nuanced, the midrange well embodied, the highs precise and crisp.
4 months ago
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Home office setup for an audiophile noob
Focal Aria 906 speakers. Actually sounds better than I expected- I had a NAD m10 in here and weirdly I think I prefer this (even having used Dirac). I also have some RP-600Ms that are currently with my TV- I might make the swap just to compare.
New desktop speakers came in: the Focal Aria 906
Got my new Focal 906's in. They're just beautiful speakers with the leather front plate, flax woofer and the walnut sides. After some initial listening, I would call these neutral/warm speakers with good bass punch that doesn't go too deep, but goes low enough to satisfy and give weight to music.
Focal Aria 906 Speakers – Review
The imaging is good on 906 and it can handle crowded passages quite well.
4 months ago
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Frequency Response

55 Hz - 28 kHz


89.5 d


8 ohms

Crossover Frequency

2800 Hz