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KEF Q150

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  • Great for the price
  • Easy to set up
  • Good bass response
  • Looks sleek and modern
  • Doesn't need a subwoofer


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When I saw Black Friday prices for the elac debut b 6.2, I put them in my cart. Afterwards I stumbled upon these kef q150 s at holiday pricing. This led to several days of reading reviews, conjecture, and watching numerous YouTube videos in a quest to determine if paying twice as much would net me a...
4 years ago
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First hifi setup ever, I cried the first few songs in.
So this is my first ever hifi setup (KEF q150’s and the loxjie A30 amp). I never heard anything like it and it was like the artists were singing inside my head. My whole life I was a big music fanatic and I was always listening on my trusty logitech Z5500. This whole experience is quite life changing.
Brace your bookshelves for the heavyweight sound of KEF's mighty Q150
Our Take. One of the best pairs of speakers we’ve heard at their price point, the Q150 are yet another brilliant feat of engineering to add to KEF’s storied audio canon.
4 months ago
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Had to be done!
The other night my awesome wife said “we need something to cheer us up, what speakers would you buy if you had the cash?” So now there’s a gorgeous pair of Kef Q150’s breaking in as the fronts on our surround system, made better by them being on sale for $300 AND amazon offering five split payments to further lessen the hit :) I’ve seen so many posts about them on here and wouldn’t have thought of them if it weren’t for you lot, so thank you all, we’re delighted with them!!. Thanks for all the responses and love (and award!) it’s kept me smiling all day, that and I feel like I’m in some secret club now, can someone show me the handshake?! 😂.
Compared to Q Acoustics 3020i and Jamo S803s - Kef q150's are the clear winner
I bought these in white for Father's day when they were on sale for $300. I also bought Q Acoustics 3020i's ($300) and Jamo S803's ($200) around the same time to audition them and see which pair I wanted to keep. I ended up keeping the Kef q150s (and the Jamos). All three are very good speakers whic...
3 years ago
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Review: KEF Q150 Powerful Bookshelf Speakers 2022
Final Verdict. What a great bookshelf speaker to own and enjoy music, movies or games. Good sound is hard to come by, but it’s all possible with the KEF Q150
4 months ago
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These cannot sound this good, more in the comments
After I put on the first song I had to check which speakers were playing because they sounded so good. I never thought these less than $100 new speakers could sound so good.
KEF Q150B Q150 Review
KEF Q150B Q150 Review Final Thoughts. It appears that good things can come in small packages.
4 months ago
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My new setup!
Just finished putting everything together!. KEF Q150 (decided to see what the hype was all about) with a Loxjie A30. My new PC build is now complete!.
These $600 bookshelf speakers have excellent sound quality for the price — they are a mainstay in my home theater setup
The bottom lineThe KEF Q150 bookshelf speakers are absolute powerhouses in this price range.
4 months ago
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