Dell S3220DGF

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  • Great for gaming
  • Beautiful design
  • Onboard controls are easy and adaptive
  • Fast refresh rate and low input lag
  • 4ms response time


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Dell S3220DGF
The Dell S3220DGF is an impressive 1440p gaming monitor. It has a curved design and it doesn't take up much room, even with the support stand attached. Gaming feels responsive due to the fast refresh rate and low input lag. Also, the native FreeSync support should help reduce any screen tearing...
Dimitris Katsaounis
5 months ago
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Looking for a good 1440p 144hz monitor
I got a Dell S3220DGF, which is a 32 inch curved 1440p/144Hz monitor that I've been really happy with. I had a Samsung 4K panel before this and was more unhappy than I'd like to admit with it. I use it for both work and gaming and after about 7 months so far I've had no issues.
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10 bit color, HDR, 1440p and 165hz!
I'm in love with this monitor. got it from another store, Amazon didn't have it from the time I got it. the colors are very nice, response time is 4ms but I can barely notice any ghosting. I order a display port cable 1.4, the one that came in the box is 1.2. My old monitor was Dell S2417DG G-Sync 1...
Jose G. Perez Marrero
3 years ago
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Looks great, but seems to have issues
Great looking monitor. Like most Dell pro screens, it feels like it is solid, and their standard mounts go together easy and quickly. The cables even feel like they are quality, not flimsy afterthoughts. Brightness and the ability to control everything through on screen menus is fantastic. Color is ...
Azzy's Design Works
2 years ago
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Fellow Acer Predator XB273U GX owners - how's it going?
Overall I am enjoying this monitor for all sorts of activities like gaming, media consumption, work, etc. Not much negative I can say about it but obviously each panel is different. I did however have some very odd thing happen specifically with this panel that I haven't experienced with any other panels, and I have tested quite a few in the last month (Samsung G7, Acer XB323U GP, Dell S3220DGF, and others).
Simply stunning
I tried to buy this from Best Buy but none of the 4 stores in my area had it in stock and couldn't have one shipped. I tried Fry's with no luck. I knew I wanted this screen but I needed something right away to test out my new GTX 1080ti at 1440p. I bought a Pixio screen in store at Fry's and also bo...
2 years ago
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What’s up guys? I just have a big question. Should I keep my recently bought dell s3220dgf or should I exchange it for a omen 27i? The dell size is great but I notice some stuff on there is blurry such as the lettering or Xbox parties. Just want your guys’ input. Thank you
I think it was in a recent digital foundry video and the comment down below talks about it also. I have the Dell S3220DGF and I love it, it's on a super good sale at Best Buy for only $330.
First Curved Monitor - Impressions
Curved? 1000mm / 1500mm / 1800mm / 2300mm, what's all the numbers about? Rather than explain here (too lengthy) checkout the ol' internet for yourself. It makes a big difference in your selection based upon how you plan on using a curved monitor. This one is rated at 1800mm. Which means your optimum...
2 years ago
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Stick pixel or dead subpixel? Showed up today and I tried “massaging” it to no results.
Dell S3220DGF if anybody needs to know. Still within a month of receiving the item so I can return it if I have to.
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1440p vs 1080p
I just got a 1440p monitor after using 1080p for years. Let me tell you, the increase in clarity and resolution is amazing! very much worth it! I just picked up the Dell S3220dgf


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LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix

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