Casio Duro MDV106

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  • Great for the price
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to read, easy to use
  • Comes in a box with bubble wrap
  • Looks like quality


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Casio MDV-106 Duro Review - The Truth About Watches
Watch models come and go like customers at the Moonlite BunnyRanch. Very few stick around around long enough to become regulars “classics.” The Casio MDV-106 Duro’s decade of production pales in comparison to the longevity of the 102-year-old Cartier Tank and those who speak haute horologie will tur...
[Casio, Seiko, Vostok] When You Can't Decide What to Wear
**Casio MDV106 'Duro'**: A fantastic affordable quartz diver with 200m water resistance and costs generally less than $50. A fantastic value.
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Casio Duro MDV106-1A Review: The Diving Marlin of the Oceans
Conclusion: The Casio Duro ReviewYou’d be hard-pressed to find a better watch than this under $70. It outshines every entry-level and some mid-tier tool watches with some impressive specs despite its modest price tag. It looks absolutely stunning with NATO straps, plus it is available in a variety of colors
2 months ago
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[Youtube/Discussion] Apparently the popular YT channel "Just one more watch" has been terminated due to "a counterfeit claim by a third party"
He inspired me and my girlfriend to gift a Casio Duro with a bracelet to her father for his 55th birthday, and giving him that watch was one of the best experiences I have had with watches, period. He's charismatic, informative, funny and down to earth. More importantly than that, he delivers quality content for a price range that's generally confined to handheld phone videos of inferior quality.
Pleasantly surprised
I was happy to see that this watch came in a (stiff paper) box, some people said theirs didn’t come in a box, just in an envelope with bubble wrap. I was surprised at how good this watch looks. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it doesn’t come across as cheap, it really looks like quality. I have al...
8 months ago
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Casio Mdv106 - An Outstanding Watch At An Astounding Price [2022 Update]
ConclusionI'm a fan of the Casio MDV106 (or Casio Duro if you prefer). If I gave stars, this one would get five. All three versions are great looking
2 months ago
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Casio Duro - the best bang for buck diver EVER!!!
The only complaint that I have about this watch is the hand's size. I wish they were a bit bigger or longer to be more precise or they could leave these hands and just make a smaller 40 millimeter version which would make the proportions of the case dial in hands pretty much perfect. But even with that small annoyance, I can honestly recommend this watch not only because of what you get for your money, but also because this is one of only handful of cheap quartz watches that will get respect from pretty much every watch aficionado out there
Watch Geek
2 months ago
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[Seiko 5] Ordered a Casio Duro and got sent this 😳
So as the title says, I ordered a Casio Duro off Ebay and they sent me this. At first I was thinking it was a fake, but from everything I've checked so far it seems legit... \-The lettering on the dial with the Seiko logo looks right. \-The Serial Number is where it's suppose to be. \-The back of the case looks how it should.
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Same quality but too much price increase. (Update 12/25/21)
Watch still has same quality as the previous color releases. The older versions at their prices punch well above their weight. I think at 88 dollars you are getting very close to getting exactly what you pay for. I feel this new version at this price point could have come with a better band and a be...
1 year ago
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[Casio Duro] Graduation Self Gift
I put it on and it felt just right. TLDR. Instead of getting automatic watch, I got entry level Casio Duro and super happy about it.


Lug Width

20 mm



Case Material

Stainless Steel