Bianchi Oltre XR3

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  • Great for long rides
  • Tapered head
  • Countervail technology
  • Campagnolo Potenza
  • Fulcrum 7 wheels


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Bianchi Oltre XR3 Potenza review
You also might want to swap the bar tape for something plusher because the Oltre’s is decidedly skimpy and slippery. The tyres are far from budget options, with the 25mm Vittoria Rubino Pros featuring graphene for extra puncture protection and greater longevity. Bianchi has delivered a great-looking aero road bike
4 months ago
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What road bike would you buy with a $4,300 budget?
Bianchi Oltre XR3. Gorgeous as the day is long, disc, killer frame and reasonable groupset. For me, this is the best value for the money (and fits a niche that my other bikes don't). Just waiting on some stimulus money to stimulate some economy :P
Bianchi Oltre XR3 Disc review
This review was first published in Issue 80 of Cyclist magazine
The list of bike brands that can boast even half the heritage of Bianchi would be very short indeed. The company is 133 years old, making it the longest-surviving bike manufacturer in the world, and for the majority of that time it has...
4 months ago
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NBD! First road bike, couldn't resist some Celeste
Awesome bike and welcome to the Celeste club! I ride an Oltre XR3 and love it!
Bianchi Oltre XR3 Disc bike review - LA VELOCITA.
WRAPPING UP Bianchi’s Oltre XR3 is a bike of compromised brilliance.
4 months ago
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Road bike: disk vs rim brakes?
A Bianchi Oltre XR3 which is the best bike I've owned or tried, period. Literally could ride it 24/7 if I could.
retiring 15 y/o bike, now what?
I've ridden many bikes, Specialized, Trek's, Eddie Merckx, Giant, Pinerallo and have settled on my prized Bianchi Oltre XR3 with Di2 and Zipp wheels. The most comfortable, fastest, nimble bike I've ever owned or tried, period. But that's me certain geometries and sizings from different manufacturers will fit you different. I could literally ride my Oltre all day, every day if my legs would let me.
Bianchi Infinito XE Ultegra review
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New endurance platform from Milan’s finest and one of our Endurance Bike of the Ye...
4 months ago
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What road bike would you buy with a $4,300 budget?
Bianchi oltre XR3!! Best bike I've owned and tried hands down!
Cheap vs Expensive carbon bikes
Now jump to my Bianchi Oltre XR3 with Ultegra Di2 and it weighs in just shy of 17lbs and the fit and finish is clearly much better. So a 4.3 lb weight difference and much better overall quality. The weight difference is definitely noticeable!.