Apollo Pro

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  • Great for kids
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fast acceleration
  • Top speed of 42 MPH


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Apollo Pro Review » Electric Scooter Guide
We review the brand new dual motor Apollo Pro line of scooters — premiering with best-in-class ride quality and record-breaking acceleration. In this detailed review, we’ll show you how the 60V Apollo Pro model performs, along with a quick comparison of all four models.
Technical Specifications Te...
Is Electric scooter guide FB group biased against alibaba or what?
They are biased. They only talk about scooters they can get a commission from. They NEVER talk about the Zero 10x, but always mention the Apollo Pro. On their website, they claim there are no Canadian dealers for the Zero line, while in reality I know of at least 2 dealers - Smartwheel near Toronto, Ride The Glide in Victoria.
Apollo Pro Electric Scooter Review | 52V 22.5Ah 38mph
It is a resounding yes! Very few electric scooters offer the balance of comfort and high performance at this scooter’s £1,345 ($1,895) price range. Many scooters sacrifice one of the two for the other. Apollo themselves market this version of the Pro range as the “Best value for Money
2 months ago
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Best customer service experience I've ever had
I ordered this scooter in May for my son. Received it quickly and it was easy to put together. My son loves it. We were at the skatepark one day and the rear axel came apart and was lost. I contacted the company just to ask where I could find a new bolt. I talked with Mike from the company and he se...
Amazon Customer
3 months ago
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iPhone 13 base model laggy, When I scroll trough reddit or youtube I always have some lags. Especially here in reddit when a video appears between. Does your iPhone shows similar lags? Look at the video, beginning and at the end its visible. I closed all apps and did also the restart
The official reddit app is garbage these days. Try Apollo or some other alternative.
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Beautiful Night To Cruise Around!
I just got my Apollo Pro last week! It’s amazing
Damaged in delivery but still loves it
It was a birthday present for my son's 9th bday. It came way early and was hard to hold out til his bday but he LOVES it. It's exactly what he wanted. But actually it did get damaged during delivery. The box had a hole in it when it got here and the handle bar T part with the metallic 4 bolt thingy ...
Jamie Martin
1 year ago
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NEW Apollo Pro Hyper Scooter: FIRST Look & Test Ride
The Pro sets a new benchmark for performance features as well as design in the electric scooter industry. It's on track to be delivered in Q1 of 2023, and we anticipate the pricing to start at 99 per month, or if you choose to buy it outright, it will cost you 3599 Usd. Riders in select Us and Canadian cities will also have the option of purchasing Apollo Care for total peace of mind protection
Electric Scooter Insider
2 months ago
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Beginner Gravel Bike Suggestions
The Apollo's gear range is a nice tight grouping like a road bike to help find that perfect cadence to go fast on epicly long rides (but sacrifices some hill climbing ability). The belt drive makes it ideal for a low maintenance commuter bike with no oil stains on your work pants. If I did it all over again I'd either do the same thing, or get something like the State All-Road with both wheelsets (an on-road focused 700c and an off-road focused 650b). Then swap the wheels as needed instead of having two separate bikes.
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