Apollo City

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  • Great for commuting
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Dual brakes for safety
  • 28.6 mph top speed
  • Integrated features


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Apollo City 2022 electric scooter review: Totally NEW!
Not only does it walk you through the startup of your scooter and offer you helpful getting started videos, but you've got real control of various settings and features on the scooter, not to mention Gps navigation, so it's a really nice full-featured app with the Apollo City currently on sale for 1299 bucks and the City Pro for 1599. These are, of course not the cheapest scooters on The block, but I also would not expect them to be.
2 months ago
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Am very new to electric scooters as of this week. Was walking my dog at the park and saw a couple with scooters and decided to approach them and ask about their experiences. They had the $2500 Apollo ones, and they let me try riding it (sidenote: e-scooter people are so nice). This whole time I assumed e-scooters are hard to balance on, but it was so easy.
* Apollo City - heaviest, prefer to avoid 40 lbs, but this seems to have the nicest ride of the 3. I've considred Ninebot max, but it feels a little too bulky and even heavier. Any other scooters I should be looking into? Any suggestions based on what I've looked at or have't?
I only regret I wasn't able to purchase an Apollo City as my first scooter, but that's ok. The time will come where I will save enough money to upgrade. However, the fact that the Fluid scooter is much more solidly built than the other entry-level brands plus the ease to get replacement parts online (from the manufacturer) is just a dream.
Please stop buying from Apollo
Dang - man - I bought a Apollo City last week end thinking their stuff was in Montreal but once I paid, it was prepping to ship from a warehouse near the pacific ocean in British COlumbia. Right there I had a red flag.. but I already commited and paid. Then, flooding happened and God knows when they will be able to ship and.. and they offer free shipping but its LAND! .. Canada is WIDE!.
I also like the design of the Apollo City Pro scooter. It’s nice to see scooters that have a thoughtfully integrated design rather than just looking like a big slab with some wheels and a stem thrown together with off the shelf parts.
Good City Scooter
I’ve been happy with my Apollo City except that it was a bit heavier than I wanted (only 39 lbs but still). Just bought the trolley wheels off another redditor and it transformed the thing. I rolled it into City MD yesterday and no one said anything and it was easy to roll. Obviously I’d still have an issue with stairs, but I live on the first floor and it’s a subway replacement for me so I won’t be carrying it onto the train anyway.
Moment of truth. Light 2 “Hero” or e-twow 2020 GT
I wouldn't expect more than 12miles though. If you could do a heavier scooter, the Apollo City at 39lbs would be a better option with a slightly larger battery, better brakes, 600w continuous 800w peak output motor and a very durable scooter like Inokim.
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What do you consider safe scooter riding?
Regarding pedestrians or say with a baby stroller or kids on a bike trail and the room to avoid these pedestrian/s while riding my Apollo City is not enough and too narrow, I do not risk it. I dismount and walk with my scooter past these folks..and resume riding my scooter when pedestrians is/are well behind me a pretty good distance.
Choosing a scooter in NYC
I think the Apollo City is the perfect commuter, especially if you want a scooter that is somewhat light. Get the Explore if you want something slightly quicker with longer ranger (although heavier).


Center Back Length

27” / 69 cm