Acer Nitro XV272U

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  • Great for productivity
  • HDR mode looks beautiful
  • 144Hz refresh rate is great for gaming
  • IPS panel with wide viewing angles
  • Excellent ergonomics


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Acer Nitro XV272U KVbmiiprzx
The Acer Nitro XV272U KVbmiiprzx is an excellent 1440p gaming monitor. It uses an IPS panel with wide viewing angles, and it has excellent ergonomics, meaning you can place the screen in a comfortable viewing position. It has a 170Hz refresh rate and exceptional response times to deliver a smooth ga...
Samuel Breton
4 months ago
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Acer Nitro XV3 (XV273K) Review
As such, you have to make a compromise with this screen: either run it at a maximum of 120Hz in 4K with G-Sync turned on, or crank it up to 4K/144Hz and lose access to G-Sync and HDR in the process. Do you want the full gamut (no pun intended) of features, sans 24Hz of refresh rate? Or are those extra milliseconds of refresh more important than the benefits you would gain in a multiplayer arena from G-Sync?
Chris Stobing
4 months ago
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Jack of All trades for a very, very good price
Here's what you need to know: -HDR mode looks BEAUTIFUL. HDR is great for this monitor in fact. With HDR enabled, Dark Blacks, very opaque, accurate colors - most of all increased brightness and contrast, which is almost necessary with this monitor. The factory settings are a little bit dark for my ...
2 years ago
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My recent experience with the following 27" 1440p IPS monitors
I recently purchased two each of the following 27 inch 1440P IPS monitors to use in a 4 monitor array where I already owned two Acer K272HUL Dbmidpx L 27" IPS monitors. Ranked from favorite to least favorite below: 1) Acer Nitro XV272U Pbmiiprzx 27" WQHD - these are my new favorite 1440p monitors du...
Amazon Lover
2 years ago
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What a dissappointment. . . QC issues and horrible motion blur while gaming.
This review is aimed towards those who want to use this as a gaming monitor. I currently have an Asus MG278Q, and while it is an excellent monitor, the TN panel left me longing for the rich colors of my old LG IPS monitor. Along came the Acer Nitro XV272U and I was instantly hyped. 1440p 144Hz 1ms F...
Angelo Ortis
4 years ago
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Acer NITRO XV272U KVBMIIPRZX Monitor Review - 170Hz 1440p IPS Gaming Monitor
Although it lacks the brightness and contrast to really make the most of it, unfortunately, for the acer nitro xb272uk, there is a lot of competition in the mid-range 1440p gaming monitor space. The most direct competitor to this one would be the gigabyte m27q.
4 months ago
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I am also looking to build a desktop in the future once GPU prices come down to reasonable levels. All in all, I am in an extremely confused state of mind, my options currently are:. 1) LG 27GL650F (1080p 144hz) 2) Acer Nitro XV272U (1440p 144hz) 3) LG 27UL550 (4k 60hz). If there are recommendation around ~ $300 mark, ill look into it as well.
Was worried about quality control reading other reviews but this monitor came with barely and BLB and no dead pixels( i havent noticed any yet). I've had it for a few days so far but you can simply check off 120hz, Varaible refresh rate , and 1440p on your series X with no hassle. I researched for s...
2 years ago
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1440p 144hz on a budget - which to choose?
I got an Acer nitro XV272U Pbmiiprzx for new £350 on sale. 1440p, 144hz, IPS panel. It's currently just over £400 on Amazon but image quality is great if you can afford it
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Third time's almost the charm
If anyone has had the misfortune of owning Acer's flickering VG271UP monitor, understand that this monitor uses the exact same Innolux panel. The panel itself looks good, but because it uses the same panel and chips as the other monitor that was notorious for suffering from widespread flickering iss...
3 years ago
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