Leatherman Bond vs Schrade Uncle Henry Pro Skinner Muskrat Knife

  • Great for EDC
  • A fantastic EDC tool with a traditional and timeless look and feel
  • Leatherman
  • Opened up easily with no issues
  • Value is incredible for what you get
  • Great for whittling and general use
  • Nice little small game knife
  • Value for the money
  • Husband said it's a great little knife.
  • Fast shipping

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Leatherman Bond
Dangerous blade issue
Great tool…almost. For the most part this model is very reminiscent of the original PST, a great compact multitool that’s fairly lightweight and easy to carry in pocket. I’d highly recommend it to anyone if it weren’t for the blade issue. As has been stated elsewhere, the knife blade easily comes lo...
M. Howser
1 year ago
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Schrade Uncle Henry Pro Skinner Muskrat Knife
Lock does not work!!
Bought this knife in 2014 and hadn't used it to clean an animal until today (8 October 2018). Could not find my better knife so I had to use this one for today's hunt. I shot a deer this morning and when I cleaned it I was less than impressed. Blades are very dull and are difficult to sharpen. The l...
4 years ago
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