Leatherman Signal

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  • Great for the outdoorsman or for those that practice survival
  • 19 different tools to help you get through your next camping trip
  • Compact design can be clipped in pocket or backpack
  • Very great compact can put it in a backpack or clip it in your pocket
  • Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool is designed with survival tools


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Best one ive bought
Very great compact can put it in a backpack or clip it in your pocket
Trevor inks
1 year ago
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NKD Leatherman Signal, I’m a happy camper.
Nice! I’ve been carrying a Signal for three years now and I love it. Great for camping or other outdoors applications. I work in remote locations -usually by myself- so I like the idea of having a survival tool if necessary.
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The perfect all around Multitool with colors!
I was looking for a nice multitool upgrade to my 12 year old gerber. I wanted something nice and would fit my needs. I went with the Signal due to the easy access to the knife and available hammer. I'm giving this a 4 out of 5 only because its missing markings (ruler) for measuring small items.
3 years ago
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It's great
I have had this for a few weeks and I don't think I have gone a day with out using it.
5 years ago
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Better than expected
Wow, what an amazing multi-tool! I've been using a low-end leatherman for a long time, lost it, so I finally decided to upgrade. Let me just say that I wasn't prepared for what a jump in quality I was about to get. This tool is NICE. First of all, the build quality is incredible and it looks absolut...
4 years ago
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This multi too is up
This multi too is up there with the Surge and the Wave. I liked the hammer on the tool. The best features are the replaceable cutter and interchangeable bits. It is very comfortable in the hand. I do miss the eye glass screw driver.
Minh N.
8 months ago
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Leatherman Signal Review: Can This Multitool Survive?
If you want to carry a full-size multitool outdoors, around the ranch or on the job site, the cheaper Leatherman Rebar would be a better option and still gives you those replaceable cutter blades. But, if you’re looking for a gift to give a Boy Scout or someone who geeks out on survival television, then the Signal should sate their multi-purpose fantasies.
4 months ago
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The signal onboard
The more time goes on, the more I wish I had bought a Signal instead of a Wave... sure as hell cant afford both lol
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Leatherman Signal Outdoors Multi-Tool is Now Available in More Colors
Read More: Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool Preview. The Signal has been a well-regarded outdoors-oriented multi-tool, and it has a couple of features not found on the brand’s other multi-tools, such as a hammer, whistle, ferrocerium fire-starting rod, and 3/16″ and 1/4″ box wrenches. Now, it’s available in new bright and bold colors
4 months ago
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Leatherman Multi-Tool Signal - Free Postage to Malta - Yacht Services Ltd
The Leatherman Multi-Tool Signal is best used by wide open spaces and camping enthusiasts, looking for safety and saving on weight. Leatherman Signal.
4 months ago
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Knife Blade Type

Partially Serrated

Locking Blade


Number of Blades

1 Blade

Max Blade Length (in.)

2.7 inches