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Leatherman Wave+

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  • Great for a multi-tool
  • Good quality for the price
  • Sharp blades and durable construction
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Includes pliers, wire cutters, and scissors


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Best Multi-tool of 2022 - GearLab
The Leatherman Wave+ brings heaps of value to the Leatherman line-up. Leatherman takes over 90% of what makes the Charge so impressive and sells it for 60% of the cost. What you get are the Wave+ and an excellent value. The Leatherman Wingman is even less expensive, by a significant margin, but has ...
5 months ago
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So, I gave my little bro Leatherman Wave at Christmas. Now every time I see him tinkering around the mopeds with his friends, he always has it on his belt. I'm just really happy that it didn't end up unused in drawer, and he really finds use for it. Now only if I could get him interested in quality knives.
Must Be A Leatherman!
As long as you buy a genuine Leatherman tool, you will get the very best in quality for various multi-tools. Leatherman knockoffs are generally cheap, crummy imitations that will make you sorry you bought them.
If it's a genuine Leatherman, rest assured, it's top quality!
3 years ago
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Honest review from a Texas Pipeliner.
Ive had it for 9 months now and its held up extremely well to some hard abuse, I have a few Leathermans and this one is my work beater. You will need to cover the black oxide coated models in gun cleaner or similar product and scrub it down in order to get the black residue off. All blades including...
Bunny Lord
4 years ago
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Wave plus
I have owned multitools since they were introduced. Carried a Wave everyday since it came out. Also have a Wave plus I won in a raffle. I alternate carry every year or so just because. I like the OG Wave as well as the plus. Used pretty much all the features for various reasons. Nice to be able to d...
Fed Up
15 days ago
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Naked Without My Wave+
I love this thing. Have it with me every moment of every day and use it for various things. You'd be surprised at how handy a Leatherman can be in your life!
4 years ago
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Can I get any info on this tool.Is it good quality and it’s make and modal
First time I’ve seen this particular rip off of the Leatherman wave.
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If your looking for a multi tool this is it ! i received one back in early 2000 and still holding up and i use it for just about everything for work that it can possibly do .
2 years ago
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My first quality multi-tool. Simply awesome!
After realizing I always need a tool and never have one with me, I decided to start daily carrying a multi-tool. Lots of research later, the Wave+ was hands down the recommended one from site after site and expert reviews. It covers all the basic needs, and is proven and does it well. In the mean ti...
2 years ago
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So I've had a leatherman Wave for the past 6 years and really enjoyed the heck out of it but due to its size I never really everyday carried it. When I saw that new Bond I immediately jumped on it as it offers a more pocket friendly option. Once I received the tool, I thought it was great and all until about now (3 weeks later). The tool is already showing rust spots (none on my wave after 6 years) and the 2 arms of the tools are really bendy.


Knife Blade Type

Straight Edge / Serrated

Locking Blade


Number of Blades

2 Blades

Max Blade Length (in.)

2.9 inches