Leatherman Wingman

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Best Multi-tool of 2022 - GearLab
The Leatherman Wingman brings the manufacturer's long pedigree, quality craftsmanship, and an excellent selection of functions to a very affordable product. The Wingman includes features virtually none of the other models do. The package opener is quirky but invaluable, the return spring in the plie...
5 months ago
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Warranty claimed my PST, got an email that they'll replace it with a wingman.
I really don't like the wingman and I'll rather spend money on getting a good PST than to EDC a wingman, it'll just live in a drawer. Their page says "If we can’t repair it, we’ll replace it with a comparable refurbished model" I don't think a Wingman is comparable to a PST, and even disregarding the actual PST model they have on sale right now the Rebar is a better comparison, both size, tool and quality/price wise no?.
Never leave home without it
I have owned multiple multi-tools over the years and finally decided to pick up a Leatherman with my dividend and a coupon. This thing puts them all to shame. Even though I bought it at a discount, I would have gladly paid the full retail price. It is extremely sharp, very well made, and I use it mu...
9 years ago
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Best bang for the buck
This is the best price point for a multitool in my opinion. Yeah you can spend a lot more on other multitools and get extra little gadgets, but this has all the essentials for a great price point. I've actually bought 3 more of these as gifts for friends. A good multi tool needs pliers (and these ar...
4 years ago
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Leatherman Wingman Review | BladeReviews.com
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It has taken me a long time to “get” full size multi-tools. I don’t think I am alone with this. They sound great in theory, but they...
6 months ago
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Nicely made tool
I bought this to replace my super tool which is lost in the snow. I like the style, pocket clip and ease of use.
6 years ago
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Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool Review
It doesn't come with a pocket clip. So I definitely recommend the wingman to one that either just enjoys multi-tools or you're looking to get your first Leatherman and you don't want to fork out a lot of money.
6 months ago
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The Wingman was slooowwww to get the right tool out and then close the sides into a handle. * The slightly matte finish around the edges is super cool. Cons (really minor nitpicks):. * It's not 100% truly one-handed, as you cannot open the serrated blade or scissors if you're right-handed, but not a huge deal.
Honestly, for the money one of the best tools.
True, story, I just ordered my 3rd. I am a avid outdoors man, craftsman, I do many things and I will even fix my skis with this thing. Too bad, my brain is not as sharp as this these multi-tools, I lost the first two.
2 years ago
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Not the quality I’ve come to expect from Leatherman
I’ve owned a few of the higher end Leatherman’s and I’m pretty disappointed in the fit and finish of this model. The pocket clip is loose and the overall feel of it feels cheaply made. The spring loaded pliers are a nice feature, but that too feels cheap. I got it for an emergency bag, so hopefully ...
Brian Byrne
4 years ago
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