Aer Travel Pack 2 vs REI Co-op Tarn 65 Pack - Kids'

  • Great for travel
  • Small and light
  • Durable material
  • Easy to carry on the go
  • Lots of pockets for organization
  • Great for kids
  • Durable and adjustable
  • Comfortable belt with storage
  • Removable daypack "brain" of the backpack
  • Adjustable for length as your kid grows

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Aer Travel Pack 2
Aer Travel Pack 2 Small Review - GREAT Stylish 28L Travel Pack
Both all that being said, the smaller version of the travel pack 2 really lives up to the expectations I had for it after using the larger version for so long and if you're looking for something that's gon na be really durable, versatile have a great look and Work well for shorter trips or a day to day carry. I definitely recommend you check this one out and so I'm very curious to hear what you guys think of the smaller version of the travel pack too, and whether you like this trend of smaller and minimal travel bags that have been coming out, that work well for Shorter trips or for day to day use if there are any other options in the size range that you think would be good for me to check out. Please let me know in the comments - and I want to thank the company again for sending the bag
Traveling Salseros
7 months ago
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REI Co-op Tarn 65 Pack - Kids'
Great pack for overnight backpacking trips
Our son has used this pack a few times in the past two summers, and it holds everything he needs. I love how flexible the side pouches are for water bottles. He can fit two smaller bottles or one big bottle in each pouch. It's great that the top cover piece can be detached and used as a little day p...
3 years ago
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