Wandrd Prvke

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  • Made for the outdoors
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit
  • Compression system to keep items in place


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Best Camera Bag of 2022 - GearLab
Our favorite traveling pack by far is the WANDRD PRVKE Backpack for the multiple features it contains. The removable camera cube is awesome. You can use the whole bag as a checked bag, carry the camera cube as your personal item, and once you get to your destination, pop the camera cube back in and ...
5 months ago
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Looking for the perfect camera backpack for carry-on....
1. The Wandrd Prvke 21l checked all the boxes beside the weight and possibly a bit too small ( on the upper end of how much I am willing to pay for a bag also).
2 years ago
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Best Camera / Travel Pack that is Also Theft Resistant
I've been looking at the Wandrd Prvke and I love it. The customizable camera cubes, water resistant material, side access pocket, secret compartment for passport, side pocket for waterborne/Tripod, and pockets with felt so it doesn't scratch my items are all qualities I love.
1 year ago
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Photographers (amateur and professional), how do you handle onebagging or minimal travel?
Sometimes it feels like this sub assumes everybody has unlimited money to throw at any problem, however minor. Now if you still really *do* want to spend money, something like the WANDRD PRVKE has a camera cube in the bottom and plenty of room for clothes in the top. But it’s likely overkill for your needs, so you’ll probably have spare space in the camera cube.
- WANDRD Prvke 21 - Just not sure its needed since I’m not a photographer, but i do love this bags look. - Topo Design Rover Pack - Biggest concern is the water bottle pockets seem to be tight.
And the photography bundle costs at the time of this review 360 dollars. That makes the prvk for international buyers maybe a 400 dollar investment with an approximate import tax added. You can also opt for the peak design travel backpack but that will set you back approximately 350 dollars if you add a medium sized packing cube. And you will have to pay about 40-50 dollars for the peak design leash strap to give you the same functionality that comes as an included accessory to the Thule Covert dslr 32l.
Help me on my quest: One bag to rule them all.
I recently gave the Wandrd Prvke a trail run because I had heard good things, I hated it. My main turnoff of the Prvke is the roll top. I just can't do it. The comfort just isn't it either.
1 year ago
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Help me replace my Peak Design Everyday Backpack
I have the 31L Wandrd Prvke and it's my favorite bag for camera gear for a whole bunch of reasons. It's also a terrific travel bag. It does everything well for every scenario I've run into except EDC. It has a slash pocket with little to no dimension and a quick access pocket that is big enough for a phone, wallet and keys.
Any Recommendations For A Hiking Bag That Will Be Used Over Multiple Days
(This one is tough to pack for mixed usage for more than a couple days due to its shape). I've mostly been using a Wandrd Prvke 31 instead of the Evergoods for trips that I'll be bringing camera gear, clothing, and doing a mix of hiking/city use. It *really* depends on the trip. If you need to carry a good amount of weight over varying terrain, I'd always recommend a framed pack with a hip belt.
Looking for an all-around bag - travel, hike, city tourism and urban design
It's still going to be very big for a daily carry. Also maybe look at rolltops like the WANDRD PRVKE as the rolltop nature affords a lot of vertical space while being able to roll down to an appropriate daily carry size. WANDRD bags seem pretty weather resistant.


Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

22.4 x 15 x 4.2"