GoRuck GR1

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  • Great for long hikes
  • Durable and tough
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Straps are adjustable


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* Goruck GR1 with clothes, toiletries, etc. A few of my retired bags came in handy for my spouse and kids too. We always keep evacuation essentials in the car but we had time to collect a few more things and bags from the collection were the go-to method of getting essential stuff out of the house. So I admit now that there are situations, however infrequent, where a bag is definitely the superior method of carrying gear and the more bags the better.
Spirit and Frontier are both 18"x14x8, and there are lots of bags that fit these dimensions, probably the most popular being the Topo CorePack and the GoRuck GR1, both of which are 18" tall. But JetBlue's limit is 17"x13x8 (43.2 x 33 x 20.32 cm). Neither I nor anybody else know how strict they're going to be about it, but I try to play by the rules. I've got a GR2 and I don't think I could make it a full inch shorter just by underpacking, so I assume the GR1 would be similar.
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I’m not a huge fan of the mesh they use which feels very plasticky but that’s just personal preference, I like fabric instead of mesh but that’s just me. The magnetic handles look cool but they are kinda uncomfortable and my least favorite part of this bag.
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Great bag
I have a few GoRuck bags, but this is a staple I was missing from my collection. First time ordering from Huckberry and I was very satisfied with the fast checkout and quick shipping. If you’re on the fence about this bag, go for it!
Dustin M.
5 months ago
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What Got You Started On Your Bag "Addiction"?
GoRuck GR1. Once you buy a $300 bag and actually think it was worth the money, things go swiftly downhill vs the simpler times when a bag from the Tumi outlet was more than you ever cared to spend...
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Nothing wrong with a less modern but more pragmatic bag, but I think it doesn't suit my line of work. To give an idea of what design I'm looking for, I like the minimal look of the Goruck GR1 Slick, but I'm unsure about carrying around a 1000D bag in the city. I've also checked out the Tom Bihn Paragon that has a similar design, but I can't find too much information on it.
Best MOLLE water bottle attachment for a GR1?
I recently purchased the GORUCK GR1 21L (in Navy Blue) to be used for work and school. One of the things I wish this bag came with was a side water bottle pocket like most other backpack brands have. I like the all-in-one style brands like North Face have, but I decided to go with this bag for its durability and just being spacious enough for my needs.
2 years ago
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Best 28L bag?
Goruck GR1: Expensive, I am not really into the look (tactical), it lacks water bottle pocket and add-ons look lame, durability is a plus, it is too big for me (I ordered the slick 1000D and it touched my butt). 4.
1 year ago
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is that the dark grey that I purchased was slightly blue and not so dark. It also has a somewhat militaristic or even futuristic look which may not be ideal but it’s fine I guess. Also the sleeves have a gimmicky thumb hole for extreme cold, not sure when I’d even use that since I own gloves that I always travel with. Anyways overall a great one bag or ultralight sweater option in my opinion!.
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GORUCK GR1 (26L) - Carryology - Exploring better ways to carry
Sometimes it feels like the whole world is getting on the GORUCK wagon. Blending a conservative aesthetic that fits in a work space, with a military spec that can John Rambo through war zones, the GR1 is a super-versatile workhorse. It ain’t cheap, but it will definitely last. It looks just as good ...


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Volume: 21L or 26L