Zenith El Primero

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  • Great for the watch collector
  • A watch with an amazing movement
  • El Primero is still evolving and improving in the 21st century


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Zenith El Primero: A Comprehensive Guide to the Historic Chronograph C
The Zenith El Primero, found today in watches throughout Zenith’s collection, from the Chronomaster to the Defy to the Pilot, is arguably the watch world’s most famous movement — more widely known, in fact, than some of the watch models to whom it has given life during its half-century-plus of exist...
[Zenith] Fortunate Smelting Accident
**TA-DA!**. The El Primero is already awesome, but the 18k gold makes it that much more *awesome-er*. I really enjoy the subtle changes on the gold version from the steel such as the different colored subdials, the gold chrono second hand over the red one, etc.
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[Zenith] El Primero Chronomaster
It wears beautifully on my small wrist (about 6.75 in). Everything is as advertised and more. I was comparing this with the new Speedy - which by the way wears much better than the previous generation - but ultimately ended up with the Zenith. The El Primero was really the first chrono I fell in love with over 10 years ago, I could not be more happy to finally have it!.
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[Zenith] I could not be happier!
The Zenith El Primero 1969 was the watch of choice. I could not be more proud of myself as I stare down and see what I have accomplished. Hard work really does pay off!. It's such a versatile and classic looking watch that it goes with every clothing style!
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[Junghans] IMO within the top3 of best chronograph designs ever
Of all watches I have owned, this watch receives the most compliments by far, especially by non-watch people. To me that is a true unbiased look that is not influenced by the watch community. To me this is one of the best looking Chronographs ever designed. Other that are up there are Rolex Daytona (multiple times), Zenith El Primero and the Speedmaster.
[Zenith] What's a Daytona? Brand new El Primero Chronomaster Original 38mm
True, Daytona is totally overrated. There are tons of other luxury chronographs that are literally cheaper, more accurate and have almost the same quality.
Just like your Zenith El Primero. Nice choice!
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[Zenith ] My first Zenith El Primero 1969
I have a pretty respectable watch collection and my Zenith El Primero is hands down my favorite piece. You have good taste! Enjoy it-you will never regret that purchase, not for a milisecond.
[Zenith] El Primero 1969 Original. 38mm goodness.
Both were fantastic watches and I eventually went with the EP because of how beautiful it looked when the light reflected off the indices. The EP popped and caught my attention and, like my S2000's 9k redline, it beats at a staggering 36,000VPH. Both are amazing watches but the EP stole my heart. Though I know the "investment" aspect is not there for the EP compared to speedmaster..
Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 42mm Watch Review - WatchReviewBlog
WATCHPOD Display Stand & The El Primero Conclusion If you’re looking into buying an El Primero Chronomaster pay close attention to the date location on the small and large size. The 38mm version has the date located in-between the 4 and 5 hour markers just like the new Chronomaster Sport, while the 42mm version has the date at 6 o’clock. A subtle difference but it was a decisive factor for the owner of this particular watch
2 months ago
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[Zenith El Primero] Long desired, finally mine!
The most expensive thing in this picture is probably the hand sanitizer at this point!
Great purchase, the El Primero is a classic for a reason.


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Defy El Primero 21

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Swiss Made




Zenith Calibre El Primero 9004