Zebralight SC64

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  • Great for EMS workers
  • Small size
  • Brightness is adjustable
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to use


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The ultimate flashlight enthusiast's flashlight... for those with the patience to reprogram it.
Do you want a no-nonsense light with a simple-to-use UI that you can take out of the box and start using right away? Then this probably isn't the light for you. Does the thought of pulling up the manual and spending an hour or two in a darkened room fiddling around to manually program each and every...
4 years ago
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[NLD] I finally understand y’all’s obsession with this ugly little thing….
It's by far the best 18650 edc light I've tried, although I've yet to try a SC64 modded by Bob\_McBob
Hope you enjoy yours!
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Review: Zebralight SC64c LE - my favorite everyday carry flashlight
The trend in EDC gear lately has been toward deep carry pocket clips that make an item nearly flush. The SC64 series clip allows about 1cm of the flashlight to stick out of the pocket, which is exactly the amount I prefer for ease of access, but might bother some.
4 months ago
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NLD, the ZL SC64c LE has the nicest CRI I’ve ever seen. Hat Pics are Low-Med-Hi.
I'm literally on the ZL site right now looking at the SC64, the SC64w HI, and the SC64c LE.
Everyone says its a well-built, efficient EDC, and now I cant pick which one!
This is a TOOL, not just a flashlight!
I own several Zebralight flashlights and this one is the most useful. It’s small enough to go in your front pocket, and bright enough to light a cigarette 1 block away... not that I smoke. Be advised that the beam, while astonishingly bright (1400 lumens for this-neutral white version, 1616 lumens i...
Dirty Ernie
4 years ago
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Zebralight SC63w Flashlight Review
Official Specs
Short Review
Long Review What's Included Manual and Packaging Build Quality and Durability Size Retention Power User Interface and Operation Modes LED and beam Tint vs... Beamshots, Runtime, etc table. Comparisons
Conclusion What I like What I don't like
[NLD] These came in for emitter swaps yesterday. What is the deal with all the Zebra hype?
On top of everything else mentioned, they have an actual *recessed side button*. Don't know why that's so rare for so many lights, but the only Zebra I've ever had come on accidentally is the H600... because the button is pointing straight up and out of my pocket. Still happened fewer times than it has with Armytek Wizards (but their button is nicer when you're actually wearing it in a headband). There are a lot of areas where though clearly went into the ergonomics that you can't really tell until using one for a bit, the SC64 is the most comfortable and *easiest* to carry light other for me, other than a AAA keychain one of course.
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Zebralight SC63w Flashlight Review - ZeroAir Reviews
The Zebralight SC63w deserves fame as an extremely popular flashlight. It has a Cree XHP35 HD emitter and runs on a single 18650. Official Specs and Features
Here’s a link to the Zebralight SC63w Flashlight product page.
Worth mentioning here is the SC64w, the newer version of this light...
4 months ago
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1 year of tracking battery life: Zebralight sc64w compared to Dv42.
Suffice to say, one month of usage is a good amount and two months is simply outstanding. I really do need to get the SC64 into rotation more frequently.
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Brightest 18650 flashlight for the price
This is definitely the brightest 18650 flashlight that is pretty inexpensive, yet still has at chip to regulate output and temperatures. Plus the size is super small... basically just a touch bigger than the battery that fits inside the flashlight. Very nice hotspot in almost pure white color for th...
Andrew Lovrich
3 years ago
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