Convoy S2+

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  • Made for tactical use
  • Bright light
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Comes with a holster for easy carrying
  • Easy to use interface


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Convoy S2+ Black Tactical Flashlights Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest
-There is no moonlight, for me the diode is cold. Aug 30,2019 Yes (0) Color: Pastel Blue Convoy S2 - nice, bright flashlightAs for the appearance, I really like this color option (gray). It looks pretty decent
4 months ago
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What underrated flashlight should all of r/flashlight know about?
Easy user interface. Nice to hold. I've got a Zebralight SC64w HI on my bedside table but I reach for the S2+ if I need to get up.
Besides a Hanklight, what would you consider are some ‘must-haves’ for a flashlight enthusiast?
I have to go with the Convoy S2*. My must haves from reading the sub before purchasing were the SP36 Pro and C8+, before placing my convoy order I asked the sub if there any other lights I should get and some recommended the s2+, I love it.
Looking for something with a decent driver and battery type isn’t a problem. Convoy s2+ looks like a solid contender for this.
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Bang for the Buck
The Convoy S2+ is a fantastic light for very cheap and you can order very low-powered versions, **but** I'm not sure that you want to be giving kids li-ion batteries.
Flashlight noob looking for an EDC flashlight
Convoy S2+ with a 12 mode/biscotti driver. I suggest SST20 4000K for that sweet cri, and be sure to get a *6 driver or lower to stay within that 600 lumen target. Get a clip along with a 18350 tube, and set the light mode to the 100% only mode. That way you hit all of your requirements, hope this helps!.
Building a 3D printed flashlight, what things can you recommend that it should have?
Realistically, I doubt you can make something that is tougher than a Zebralight or an ArmyTek, and if you could, it won't be by much at all. If you do wish to experiemnt, then the Convoy S2+ can be bought as a host with no driver or emitter/MCPCB, which makes it good to experiment with. KaiDomain also make the E6, which is a P60 host, which is also a good place to start.
I like Convoy lights a lot, I was really surprised at the quality of my S2+ for the price. I got 18650s and a charger but I don't mind buying a new type of battery.
My wife said the most romantic thing to me yesterday
Oh wow. That's a great story.
My wife is thrilled with her Convoy S2+. Since they're not expensive, I should order her one in every color.
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Flashlight Review: Convoy S2+ - Light Painting Blog
For low to medium brightness illumination purposes, the Convoy S2+ is one of the best value for money lights available. The range of LED emitters, colour temperatures, and high-CRI options is seconds to none. For example you can buy approximately 4 Convoy 2+ with diffusers and 18650 batteries for the cost of a single LumeCube!
4 months ago
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Emitter Type


Emitter BIN

U2-1A,T6-3B,T6-4C, T5-5B,T4-7A



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