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Emisar D4V2

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  • Made for the professional
  • Durable and reliable
  • Brightest flashlight on the market
  • Compact design for easy carrying
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


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Emisar D4V2 Review; The Flashlight Enthusiast’s Flashlight from a Knife Enthusiast’s Perspective
I'Ve been using them a lot recently and i think that this msr d4 v2 is a really good one to start getting into fancier lights.
Knife Thoughts
4 months ago
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I compared 2 flashlights. The Zebralight sc64w and the Emisar D4V2. Starting with the D4V2, I used the light in my daily manor until the first low voltage protection kicked in and the light dimmed.
Emisar D4v2 Manual (Anduril 1)
When I first got my hands on the Emisar D4v2,
I had no idea how to use it. The Anduril UI diagram was hard for me to understand as well: what were all these dotted
lines and arrows?
The colored LED lights would never turn off, and mashing the button with various sequences
taught me very little a...
4 months ago
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With the D4V2 I knew I didn't _need_ super bright. My goal with that light was moderate brightness (200-300lm) once in a while (2 or 3 minutes, and sometimes up to 10 minutes), but mostly I'd be using just 50-100lm for longer periods... 10 - 30 minutes at a time. This light will be used primarily for camping, or around the cottage (we rent so needs vary.)
I may be a little jealous of your Sofirn and Olights, but have you tried the Nebos? They work amazing for construction/SAR, and they won't cost your first & third born.
I mean, the Wurkkos FC11 is like $15 if you get a good sale, and that's a pretty decent light. Convoys are good and like $20-30. Lumintop is on the upper end of this range, but they're great lights. For slightly more ($45) something like and Emisar D4V2 will blow any of the aforementioned out of the water.
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What are some lights you think have an incredible performance for their size? (Any size) Runtime, Lumens, Throw, Spill.
Emisar D4V2 / Noctigon KR4 (super bright in small package). Noctigon KR1 (super throwy in small package). Thrunite Catapult Mini (super throwy in small package). Fireflies E07x Pro (not the smallest but still mind blowing brightness for the size, especially with low CRI emitters).
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(NLD) couple of weeks ago I didn't care about flashlights. I discovered this sub and this is my first purchase. Zl H600w IV. Pls help
You need something that advertises that you have cool flashlights. Cool colors and materials are what matters here. The emisar d4v2 can be a cost effective way to do this, as long as you don't want the blue swirl titanium one. But really, these lights are about making a statement.
Emisar D4V2 Review – An Enthusiast Staple
This is better unless you want to carry it, then D4V2 is better. Emisar DT8: Basically the same as D4V2 but with a wide, rectangular head instead of a circular head, twice as many emitters, and higher output. I think D4V2 is better
As for myself, the closest I got to oerfection is ky Emisar D4V2. Great emitter choice, Anduril UI, AUX Lights, small size, available in many colors, high output, high sustainable output, doesn't turn on in a pocket with the rised switch ring.
Looking for small but incredibly powerful, 3000 lumens+
I happen to think the Emisar D4v2 is real good at all of those things. Sofirn IF25A if you need USB C charging
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