Yamaha TRBX305

Yamaha TRBX305

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Great tone
Excellent electronics with active 3 band EQ and active/passive switch
Value for the price
Ergonomic design with shaped carve-outs on top of pickups
Flexible and reliable option for upgrading from a beginner bass
Not the best bass ever, according to some reviewers
May require a setup out of the box
Some reviewers suggest upgrading components for better sound quality


Overall, the Yamaha TRBX305 receives positive reviews for its tone, electronics, and value for the price. Some reviewers note that it may require a setup out of the box, but it is a good beginner/intermediate bass that can be upgraded with better components. The shaped carve-outs on the top of the pickups are appreciated for their ergonomic design. While some reviewers mention other basses they have tried, the consensus is that the TRBX305 is a flexible and reliable option for those looking to upgrade from a beginner bass without breaking the bank.


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Item Dimensions LxWxH

47.83 x 17.91 x 3.74 inches


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