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Warwick Thumb

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Great fast attack and clean tone
Versatile in different genres of music
Unique placement of JJ pickups
Excellent vibration transfer
High-quality build and materials
Not ed for its weight and neck dive by some users
Rock basses from Warwick have been noted to have a cheap feel
Some users have noted mid-heavy sound with the MEC preamp/pickups


The Warwick Thumb bass is highly regarded for its fast attack and clean tone, as well as its versatility in different genres of music. The bolt-on design and tight neck pocket contribute to its excellent vibration transfer. The JJ pickups on the Thumb Bass are noted for their unique placement, which takes the concept of pickup spacing to the next level. While some users have noted issues with neck dive and weight, the Thumb Bass remains a favorite among bass players for its sound and playability. Upgrades to the preamp and pickups have been noted to enhance the bass's versatility and tone. Overall, the Warwick Thumb is considered a high-quality bass that is worth the investment for serious bass players.


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