Vsett 8

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  • Great for the price
  • Range is amazing
  • Not as much maintenance needed as other models
  • Battery is not removable
  • Comes with a charger and battery


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Ninebot Max vs. Vsett 8 for winter riding?
I doubt upgrading to a Ninebot or a Vsett 8 will change how you feel riding in those conditions. These little death machines aren't meant to be ridden year round under these conditions. Take it for what it is but I think you'll be disappointed even after you spent the money.
Zero9 or Vsett8?
In the end, I chose the LG 21Ah variant of Vsett 8 and have done a little over 300km on it so far. When compared with the Zero scooters, the front C-style (adjustable) suspension is greatly superior on the Vsett, and one of the main differences between them.
Is the vsett 8 the best scooter for it's price range?
So -- sorry for being long-winded. The Vsett 8 is a fantastic, all-purpose scooter for a lot of folks' use cases (and 1000% absolutely what I would buy if I were in the market for something like it).
I expect to also fully recoup the $ spent on the Vsett 8 via food deliveries as well. Since it has significantly more range than the X5S, I should be able to do a whole 11-3pm shift whereas I could only log 2hrs (or 19mi) on the X5S.
is it safe to order electric scooter from aliexpress? any good or bad stories?
The period where it ships from China to your country is not tracked and you won't get tracking until it gets in your country. I too was hesitant on ordering from Aliexpress. That and that the shipping times were a natural aversion. Soon though, I'm going to order the Vsett 8 from there.
First Scooter
Vsett 8 19ah battery from eWheels at $999 (and perhaps you can find a coupon) would be perfect for what you want. 600W motor versus 350Wish, at 19ah almost double the battery capacity of the lower ones on your list, dual brakes, dual suspension, and the front suspension is not a fork suspension, meaning it will accomodate mild trails better than the other items on your list. ... and Vsett is the most recent generation of scooters, and the scooter industry is super immature, meaning it's got a TON of improvements over similar scooter released in 2019 (like the Horizon). I own a Horizon and it's great for what it is, but the Vsett is its successor and better in almost every metric, as well as better buttons, folding mechanisms, suspension, etc.. You mention spending a touch more to get something with more longevity.
Looking for Speed and Portability around $1,000 - Vsett 8?
Vsett 8 is a good choice and better than most in quality and performance. Get the biggest battery you can, not just for range but also safety and longevity as those are made from better, brand name cells.
Best beginner scooter under $1000 in US
The Ninebot Max is the only scooter I would consider to be truly “water resistant” in this price range. It’s generally the best bet for a first scooter. I also like the Vsett 8 if you can stay out of the rain and avoid puddles.
Segway has some really intriguing new e scooters coming out
P100S seems to be the standout scooter in this lineup. Appears to be 48v/28Ah/650W single motor. Could be worth the money if they can deliver. There's not a lot of competition to the Vsett 8 (not at all as a matter of fact).
Just received my vsett9 plus dual motor 21ah, Question? The tires are tagged for 45psi, but on my pump the 2 tires are at 58psi!!! Is it normal against inners tubes issue? Or this a factory error I need to unleash some air? Ty all
This was the scooter I was planning to get up until the last few days where I decided the Vsett 8 was better suited for me. You have 'khmer' in your username, are you Cambodian?