Xiaomi M365 Pro

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  • Great for commuting
  • Almost portable (19 kg)
  • Short (It can be easy carry in car)
  • Suspensions ..


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Xiaomi M365 PRO VS Xiaomi M365 - Side-by-Side Comparison & Review 2022
Well, then it will be a worthy investment none the less. back to menu ↑. Last words of recommendation While I was expecting more in terms of fixes to the most common problems already known to Xioami, I think the upgrade is well worth the extra money
2 months ago
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m365 clean mods
- 10 inch tires. Other than it being slower than my Unicool Dual motor (very understandably), I love how this scooter rides now.
Been riding my Xiaomi M365 Pro for 2000 km roughly (it has been "flashed" to 33kph). I am getting slightly tired of the lack of power since I got quite few hills to defeat to and from work. No idea if its just my brain. but I feel like its not as powerful anymore, could it be due to the flash?
A+ mobility device
My reason was space, I suddenly needed a small means of transport for my commute to work. Without even trying a rental one first, I just bought a Xiaomi M365 Pro and it immediately changed my life. Yes, it's a great means of transport, super convenient.
M365 Pro vs INOKIM Light 2 vs ZERO 9
Bad mechanical design... - No sounds beeps etc when charging or play with the control display (m365/pro has). - Nothing impressive.
Ninebot E22 worth it for a first time scooter owner?
If you can find/afford a XiaoMi M365, it's a better unit. Next one up, Segway Max (G30). Unless the ES series scooters have changed significantly, they have insignificant/ineffective suspension and suffer from poor motor/controller interconnects.
Xiaomi M365 Pro Review: Now Better Than the Original?
This issue has been remedied in later models, but is a symptom of lighter constructed scooters. The Xiaomi Pro feels solid, complete and well-made, and is an awesome value for its performance, but may not be able to withstand years of abuse. Xiaomi M365 Pro Compared to Other Scooters Xiaomi Mi M365Segway Ninebot ES2Segway Ninebot ES4Fluid FreeRide Horizon Upgrade from M365 to M365 Pro If you already own an M365, should you upgrade to the Pro?
I've recently installed monorim front suspension to my xiaomi m365 pro, it works fine but there's one issue - the shaft is kind of wobbly. It can move front and back a bit.
**Negatives**. * Throttle response / Throttle Design (Even on Gear 1 with only one motor, pulling 10% lever is like Xiaomi M365 Pro full throttle, which makes it quite hard to control with pedestrian traffic. It has a little deadzone where you can cruise, but usually the trigger throttle is not comfortable nor easy to control). * Instability under braking from high speed 70km/h (Front axis starts to shake left right, i have to check for a steering damper maybe?).
I work in Food Delivery and I've been an owner of a Xiaomi m365 for 2 years. During this time I have got around 6000 km on it. I had a lot of issues with it, from often flat tires (sometimes every 2 days I got one), as well as problems with the folding mechanism that made it wobble, and eventually, the screw broke. I have got solid tires instead of pneumatic ones and I fixed the flat tires, but now every week the screw breaks.