Vsett 9

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  • Great for beginners
  • More speed and power than the 9, but still not as fast as the 10+
  • Vset 9 Plus is more stable than other electric scooters
  • Good for cruising
  • Easy to assemble


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I'm going to pick up a Vsett 9 tomorrow, and ideally never getting back on this thing again. In fact, when I called the local scooter shop to enquire about their stock, the guy asked me what I was looking for. I told him I have a Touring and it's only got one brake on a solid rear tyre, and he immediately responded with "It's a death trap, and I refuse to stock scooters with similar setups to that because they're fucking dangerous".
Good visibility, safety and shielding my eyes from the wind. For the vsett 9+ specifically, I wouldn't say I was "riding it like I stole it" but I wasn't just babying it along at 10mph either. On the 15 mile round trip, with about 1000 feet of vertical ascent total, I consumed around 500 watt-hours. This computes to a not too bad 30-35ish watt hours per mile, which is pretty good IMO for a relatively powerful dual motor scooter.
So if you guys want something powerful and fast, but not insane fast, you can get it with the Vsett 9+ without mega spending on other top of the line scoots. * Good range. With casual riding and not a lot of hills, I get about 60-65km of range. If I push it hard, I get about 50-53km.
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I ended up with a Vsett 9+R. For reference, I was looking for something more comfortable and more powerful than my FFR Horizon. I've only ridden it a few miles around the neighborhood so far, but hoping to put some more miles on it soon. So far, it's everything I was hoping for.
Well, the VSETT 9+ is everything I need/wanted. It has really nice acceleration and good control at slow speeds -- ie nice throttle response/curve. The wheels are short but wide and this provides a nice mix of good maneuverability and stability. The suspension works well and gives a smooth ride (I'm about 160lbs).
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2K to spend....
Vsett 9+. I would say all of the above would beat the mantis for build quality. In terms of performance the eagle will smoke a mantis easy, the ghost matches it (or nearly) and the 9+ is a bit slower but still no slouch and is more lightweight at 25kg/55lbs. The ghost and eagle pro are around 30kg/66lbs.
VSETT 9+ -- 6 Months and 500 miles
Usually that comes from being a previous motorcycle rider. The Vsett 9+ is a good scooter for people who are getting into Dual motor power scooters and it may be enough for some people but don’t put all riders who are riding 30+ into one basket.
Is this helmet over kill? Details in comments:
The visibility is also phenomenal and it comes with a day and night visor. It isn't cheap but has made riding my VSETT 9+ fun while keeping me safe.
VDM 10 vs Vsett 9 or 10
Vsett scooters are pretty special, not perfect in every way, but not your average escooter. I also own a Vsett 9+, it's also super cool.
2x1200w motors powered by a 52V 15Ah - 780Wh battery.!<. **$1,055 Zero 9**. >!The cheapest option on the list, only considering it because it might just be adequate for my needs, highly rated and at a much lower price. Should have the worst suspension on the list, but with relatively good tires, as with the Vsett 8 I am concerned that it won't be sufficient in inclines, but at practically the same price as the Ninebot Max it appears to be good value.
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