ViewSonic XG2405

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  • Great for gaming
  • Thin bezels
  • Good colors
  • High frame rate in a sleek package
  • Unbeatable for the price


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No More Hearing It’s The Computer’s Fault I Died!
My husband is a gaming nerd, I apologize he is a highly proficient gamer with a nack for pointing out all of the flaws with picture quality and speed of refresh. To summarize: I was sick of hearing him complain that he died because the refresh was not fast enough 🤷‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️ I found this product thr...
meaghan morris
4 years ago
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Cheap monitors suck right? WRONG!
I think this one is is definitely a winner. We'Ve always been a fan of the vsonic panels. We'Ve been advertising the elite series now for over a year, we still use it as our test panel you've seen it all the time as we throw it up here on the desk when we're testing various things
4 months ago
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Great TN panel if your lucky enough to get a non-defective unit.
This panel is probably the best looking TN panel out of the box you can get. If you happen to find one that isn't defective. I have three of these things sitting behind me now ready to go back to Amazon because the quality control on these panels is trash. Each panel has dead or stuck pixels. The co...
4 years ago
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Need a 144hz monitor that doesn’t have gaming in the name
Viewsonic XG2405, awfully underrated, Cheap and very very performant, great color too. Got it new with one dead pixel for 140$ at amazon warehouse.
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A mostly good monitor for a good price, but I got a solid vertical line of bad pixels within 2 wks.
After adjusting the color per an in-depth review site, I was pleasantly surprised by this, my first foray into 144Hz gaming! Versus 60Hz, it didn't exactly feel like I explicitly had more frames per second, but more like the image was just so much sharper, even while moving. It was markedly differen...
Ada R
4 years ago
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... for this price range it is hands down the best. the settings are so rich that I have ...
This is a godly 144hz screen for this price range it is hands down the best. the settings are so rich that I have everything perfectly the way i want it. response is insane. cs:go has new life now. can't believe i played on 60hz for the past 15 years
Dr. Drake Ramoray
4 years ago
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Overall: 3.5/5, There are devices with a better screen and GPU for a little more, but nothing beats the CPU the laptop is packing in this price range. With the money you saved instead of buying better laptops, you can buy a budget gaming monitor such as the ASUS vp24qgr, AOC 24g2, or even the ViewSonic XG2405. You can also spend it on extra ram or more storage as the 512GB storage is not enough for any creative work assuming you'll be archiving. Thermals are great for the price but uncomfortable on top of your lap.
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Purchased Two A Year Apart! Perfect for 144Hz 1080p Gaming! G-SYNC Works!
Summary: A year ago (Dec 2018), I purchased the XG2402 for my gaming laptop. My laptop in itself is a 144Hz display, and the outgoing BenQ I owned just didn't look as smooth as it wasn't 144Hz. I did a quick Amazon search and found this display and blindly went for it. It does not disappoint! A year...
3 years ago
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Not bad, but don't use the 60hz strobe mode.
Okay so I got this because of the strobe mode. I am a gamer at heart, but I got into actually testing monitors on my free time especially when companies like RTINGs has a stupid vote system instead of just buying all and working hard.... I mean their job is reviews but they still limit themselves wh...
9 months ago
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Lenovo Y27q-20 review by a5hun is up
No off color, very minor adjustments dialed in the picture perfectly. But after about 10m, my eyes were fatigued and tired until I looked away from it. I'm on my 2nd month wearing glasses (astigmatism and dry eye) so it could be I'm having a hard time getting used to 1440p, but my ViewSonic XG2405 which is 1080p and no wide color gamut gives me no issues at all. Again, solid review on a solid monitor.
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LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix

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Class F

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