Vaxee Outset AX

Vaxee Outset AX

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Great ergonomic shape
Comfortable hump size for larger hands
Responsive side buttons
Build quality and click feeling
Comparable to other popular gaming mice
Not everyone likes the scroll wheel, which some find too heavy.


The Vaxee Outset AX receives overwhelmingly positive reviews for its ergonomic shape, comfortable hump size, and responsive side buttons. The only downside mentioned is the scroll wheel, which some find too heavy. Many users recommend the Outset AX for those with larger hands or those who prefer an ergonomic shape. Some users compare it favorably to other popular gaming mice such as the Zowie EC series and the Razer DeathAdder. Overall, the Outset AX is praised for its build quality and click feeling, making it a top choice for gamers.


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