Varla Eagle One

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  • Great for beginners
  • Price is high
  • Delivery takes long time
  • Base color is red
  • No snap on attachments


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Varla Eagle One Review (2021) - Electric Travel
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2 months ago
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I was originally considering either the Apollo Phantom or Varla Eagle One… but in the end I went w Ninebot Max ‘cuz it’s lighter at 40lb so more portable and foldable to store and it’s got an IPX5 waterproof rating….
Bought a Varla Eagle One last year that ended up sitting due to a failed motor controller. The replacement process took so unbearably long that I wanted nothing to do with it anymore.
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I kinda went from V60 to this [1 month impressions]
VA mentioned that the power management just prevents all heating elements from running simultaneously, which is useless when 2600W isn't an issue, it just slows down the heat-up. Some were concerned whether you can just walk in a café and connect to their Eagle One - No, there's a password option.
Finally cleaning my poor, neglected car. Wheels are first.
Used Eagle One all wheel and tire cleaner, one scrub pass after a short dwell. Need to go over some spots and start on the paint next, but the kid makes it difficult.
Varla Eagle One- DO NOT BUY
I honestly don't get why people buy these overpriced Varla scooters like crazy - they seem to be very good at marketing their stuff. The varla Eagle One is just a rebranded T10-DDM (Zero 10X) 52V 18Ah (the lowest and cheapest version) and you pay like 500 - 600 more than you would if you would order the same scooter off Alibaba - I bought the 52V 23Ah version with LG batteries and only paid $1300 for it ...
I got my first electric scooter a couple weeks ago, a Varla Eagle One (Zero 10x rebrand). It's super nice to ride, no complaints there.
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Varla Eagle One- DO NOT BUY- My front wheel is clearly broken. Company wont honor their faulty products. Scooter only a few hours old. Couldn't last more than 5 miles. DM me for details. Don't fall for this scam company like I did
I had an Eagle One for about a week or so. It took about a month to get here, I rode it for a few miles, and found it wouldn't take a charge. Varla's CS was pretty responsive but clearly were outsourced as there was a bit of a language barrier via email, and there's no # to get anyone on the phone. After some back and forth, they determined the battery was the issue and said they'd ship a new battery (which required me to pay a $99 deposit...).
Owned for 1 month, only put 30 miles on it, first-time scooter buyer, extremely discouraged. Varla will not respond to me. Guess I spent $1500 on a paperweight, unless I dish out another $300 for a motor
Email them and tell them you will be filing a chargeback if they do not respond. That got them to accept my Eagle One return and a full refund.
Thoughts on the NAMI Burn E? Thinking of replacing my scooter with this or the Dualtron Storm.
Ain't no way in hell I'm doing 60mph standing on a scooter with 11inch wheels. I've got a varla eagle one, it'll hit 40 with my 180lb self but I can count on one hand the amount of times I've gone that fast, I don't cruise over 25mph unless the road is PERFECT. These are inherently flawed with the wheels. They are too small and we all feel it, it's the reason you can't take a hand off the handlebars.